Blessings Of Giving

Bloggy Giveaway is over till July and I did not win anything this time.  NOTHING tangible that is.  However, I think I got the greatest gift of all from many bloggers. I had a giveaway here and at Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker.  Here I asked you to tell me your greatest struggles as a wife, mother, single whatever your situation is at the time. On my other blog I was giving away some fabric and notions and asked what you like to make with fabric. I wanted to see what answers I would get. This blog I was hoping for ideas for posts as well as to get a feel for where people were at. My other blog I wanted to find what they like to do with it so I could look through what I had and give the winner something they could use.

Many of you really wrote things that were on your heart. I would challenge you to go read my comments for those two posts. There are many of them, but they are great.

When I picked the winners, I was amazed at their responses as well.  I think they blessed me way more than the blessing I will be to them. I did not ask permission to quote them, but I will tell you they both told me I as an encouragement and answer to prayer for them. Me, an answer to prayer. Nothing could be more of a blessing than to find out you prayed about what to give away and then be told you are an answer to prayer.

Today I am packing the packages and mailing them. I feel as good as if I won everything offered!

Thank you all for all you wrote and blessed me with this past week. I love you all.