Scrapbook Help Needed

Today is Backwards Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer. This means that it is a time when I ask for your help and you leave me a comment helping me!

I am looking for ideas for starting a scrapbook. Now, I have never done a scrapbook but have bought all kinds of supplies and have been getting my pictures sorted. I want to make a family scrapbook to share with my kids but am stuck on the starting part. I have ideas, but do not know how to decide to make the pages, where to start in the book or anything. I want to include great grand parents as well as recent.

Do you have ideas how to get started? How to get that first page going? I am normally creative, and think once I get it going I will be fine, it is the starting that has me baffled.

Any ideas would be very appreciated!

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I wish I had pictures!

Last Thursday we left Texas for a trip to Springfield Missouri to attend my niece’s wedding. She wanted to get married on February 29th because she thought it would be fun. Well, it was fun!

My mom, husband and I drove the many miles to Springfield and I saw country I had never seen before. Even though I have been to many states, I had never been to Oklahoma or Missouri before and enjoyed the opportunity to not only see more of this country we live in, but to also spend some time with my brother and his family.

When we got out of high school we went our separate ways. Not out of anger or anything, but it was the way life took us. He went to a ministry in CA and eventually met his wife there and I went to Philadelphia and met my husband there. As a result, we have both lived in different places and our families did not get together much.

His kids are really neat and I enjoyed them so much. Paul John and Shirley spent most of the time with us as they are the younger ones that are still home. Even though they are twins, they are as different as could be!

Hopefully I will have some wedding pictures to post before too long. I did not take any so need to depend on my sister in law to send me some, hopefully soon!

My mom leaves to go back to New Jersey on Wednesday and then things may return to semi-normal around here and hopefully my posting will be too. Between my computer going down, the visit and wedding I feel like I have been neglecting my blogs.

Take time with family while you can. We will not always have them to enjoy!