Speaking Literally

This week has been a crazy one. Well, it seems they all are, but my stress level has been a bit high this week. The Texas heat and drought has taken its toll on me and when other things pop up it hits me in a way I just want to sit and cry.

The other day was one of those days. Seems that every time I turned around something was not going right and added to the heat and the worry over the drought and not finding hay for our animals I felt I could not deal with things as they came up.

I was tired.

I was stressed.

My granddaughter would not take her nap so all I was doing was checking on her and getting more frustrated.

I also could not get the nap I so needed!

She came out and asked me to get the rubber band out of her hair as it was tangled and annoying her. Tangles it was and when I asked her how it got to be in such a mess she told me “mommy put it in there”. I assured her mommy did not put it in all tangled like that, but got it out. Big mistake.

She then had to go potty.

Finally I let her up, it was time for her mom to come so no point in keeping her down.

She came out and talked to my husband and I thought she looked different, but was so tired and upset that it did not register.

I sent her to nap with no bangs, she now had them. Mommy walked in and looked at her and grabbed her bangs as she did we also noticed short hair all over. Mind you her hair was to her butt, now it was to her shoulders in places and above that in other places. Much of it was still to her butt.

I was sick, Ready to cry. On my watch she has to pull this. I have guarded scissors since i had a child who cut her hair on Christmas eve, and cut she did! So I was very aware of watching scissors.

I am so thankful that mom was not mad at me. It is nice to have a sweet understanding step daughter.

Yesterday I asked my grand daughter why she cut her hair. She told me so it would grow longer and faster. I told her when you cut it then it is shorter and you have to grow it all back to where it was now. (It is now just off her shoulders!) She said  “NO, she told me if I get it cut it will grow longer and faster so I cut it to make it grow longer and faster”.

I was reminded again of how literally little ones take what we say. We may  go get dead ends trimmed to help our hair grow better,  but to them cut it shorter so it will grow longer and faster is heard. Makes sense to them since that is the way adults word it. Just remember, little ones speak literally. No matter what you say or idioms you use, they are taken literally to these little ones.

Moms, Dads, Grammies and PaPa’s , we need to watch our words carefully.

Speak the Truth in Love

Ephesians 4:15
“But speaking the truth in love…”

While sitting in a restaurant on Saturday the following took place:

4 yr old granddaughter (politely to waitress): Excuse me

waitress did not hear.

Again: Excuse me

Us: Honey what do you need?

Granddaughter: (oh so sweetly) I need to tell her these potatoes stink and do not taste good.

She was speaking softly and in love!

Yes, the Bible says it but sometimes it is so hard to do. This verse came to mind (when I got done laughing inside!) We tend to jump in and blurt or else ignore and suck it up.  I have thought about how many times I have done one of the two.

Sometimes we need to speak out and speak the truth in love, sometimes we need to shut up and pray. Either way, we need to do it in love and in God’s timing.

Pondering this a day later I was touched with the thoughts that in our families it can be just as wrong to suck it up as to blurt it out. Yes, sometimes God wants us to suck up and pray, but sometimes we are to be confrontational, in love.

In 1995 my first husband had a heart attack that changed me from being quiet and non confrontational outside the home  (OH, inside the home I could be !) to a fighter. I was fighting for my husband’s life and learned to speak softly but firmly to the doctors involved to get him the care needed. However, that heart attack also changed me in the home to speaking in love to my loved one and to making sure my words were minced with love and care. I became non confrontational (unless he needed me to jump up and grab the chips he was not supposed to be eating and thought I was not looking!)

Twelve years ago he went to glory, but I am still sucking things up when I should be speaking the truth in love.

My four year old granddaughter not only brought us a good laugh, but touched me to ask God to help me open my mouth when I should be saying something and not just keeping it inside and quiet.

Another Date Night

Yesterday my granddaughter arrived with a “good idea” .

Grammie, I have a great idea, why don’t you and Papa come over and spend the night at my house, we can have a sleep over.

I let her know that her house did not have enough beds for us and what would we do with the baby goat we need to bottle feed.

OK, well, we have a mattress that we can put on the floor and you can sleep there and Papa can stay home and take care of Tootles (Baby goat).

I told her I was going away for a week or so and Papa would not like me being gone another night before I go.

She said ok, she understood, but you could see the little mind working.

A bit later she said she has to talk to Papa, so I explained that we can call him but if he can’t answer the phone leave a message and he will call back. She called and I hear her saying:

Papa, can I spend the night with you and grammie?

Of course he said yes. I then told her she can’t be happy yet as she never asked her mother. She then called mommy who said yes also. I was never asked!

Several hours later she asked if she could call Papa again because she wanted to ask him something. I gave her the same talk about he may not answer, but he did.

I then hear:

Papa, can we go on a date night? I want to go out and eat.

Of course Papa said yes.  Did not matter that we had no money to go! Once again I was not consulted either.

Papa came home from work  and told her when a man takes a lady out on a date he always brings  these:

flowers for a date

Please note, hair not done, still in nightgown (her usual garb for the day!) but looking at her Papa with love.

I was so taken by her wide eyes and surprised look when he said what he did and handed her the flowers.  I wish I was ready with the picture at that point.

She then told me where she wanted to go: Someplace fancy where I can sit down and order my grilled cheese sandwich.

Applebees was the place that fit her bill here , and, we arrived and found out kids eat free on Tuesday. She was a cheap date to boot!

A memory I think she will always have.

Since I have been so quiet…

I decided to post a picture to Wordless Wednesday. These are pictures of a tree by the home my husband grew up in. This tree is over 100 years old and was huge. Trees where we live do not grow big, so this one is unusual and has many memories for my husband. It fell last Thursday taking out the cow shelter and part of the barn. My husband and his brother now need to work on getting it cut up, somehow.




As you can see it split in half and is too big to get the whole tree.

Our Date

Fridays are my day out, if you can call the park out. Rick and I have one vehicle, a van. He takes it to work every day and my granddaughter and I spend the day home. Except Fridays. Friday we make lunch and go eat with PaPa and then we go to the park for play time.

This past Friday we went for lunch with my husband and dear granddaughter ate and listened intently to our conversation when we were not talking to her. Rick and I both felt like going out to eat. We both even thought of the same place. The Highlander has a great buffet and on Friday they have stuffed crab, clams, shrimp, chicken, chicken fried steak and catfish. Fried catfish is a real favorite down here in Texas. Both of us seemed to want the same thing so we decided to go for dinner Friday night.

As Scout and I drove off from lunch with PaPa Scout said to me “Are you going on a date tonight?” I told her I guess you could call it that. Her next remark was “Can I come on your date too?”

I was taken by her sincerity and thinking that this was something special. Yes, she was going to come. I asked PaPa and he gave a big yes also. She was thrilled by her first date.

We arrived at the restaurant and by then she was saying she wanted to spend the night too, and didn’t we know that dates are supposed to be after dark?

We ate, went to the park after dinner so she could play (the restaurant is in a different town so this park was something new) and came home after dark! Fit her idea of a date and we all had a great time.

Her first date. She was thrilled and we enjoyed our time together.