Family Fun

I do not know about you, but when My kids were growing up we were always looking for things to do cheap and still be fun.  At that time camping was fairly cheap so in the summer we would wander off with our tent when we could. Believe it or not it was not that many years ago that a tent site was $10 or less at state parks and some private ones as well.  Hmm my kids are getting old, maybe it was longer than I think…

Today I am still looking for frugal things to do with my husband and a granddaughter. While camping is still cheaper than motels etc and way more fun, it is not something we can do as much with our schedule. Gas prices as they are the drives to look at scenery and wild flowers are usually on the way to do something we have to do.

I have found some sites that have ideas for families with kids and would like to recommend one of them to you. I is called Family Fun. They have a magazine that is reasonable and many ideas.  There is everything from Arts and Crafts, printables, party ideas and all kinds of things as you dig through the pages. I would check it out for some frugal ideas for your family.

I have other sites I go to as well for kids things, or ideas for making things, but finding cheap ideas for a couple are a bit harder. My husband is not one to take a walk, he reads a lot, computers much and finds stuff on TV.  We often will spend time on the computer, but there is not much to do otherwise with out driving for 25 – 70 miles.

I was wondering if any of you have ideas that couples can do for fun and frugality? Gas prices being what they are, we are not able to do what we are used to and need to come up with other ideas.

Can anyone tell me what they do?  For other frugal family ideas check out Frugal Friday.

Take Care of Yourself

I get a little “hint” that comes in my email everyday. It is a reminder of how to be pleasing to our husbands. One of the things I found when I was raising my own children, and am now having all over again with caring for a grandchild, is trying to look and feel presentable when my husband comes home.

Scout (my granddaughter) arrives early and is here till about the same time my husband gets home. He also comes home for lunch. Some days I hardly have clothes thrown on by lunch and my hair done? well, that is another story.

For me I find that when she takes her morning nap, I am running around trying to get the dishwasher loaded/unloaded, have my Bible and prayer time, pick up messes she has made, fold laundry without help etc. She wakes and I realize I am still in the raggy shirt and shorts I sleep in.

How about you?

This is what yesterdays “hint” was:

Wednesday April 30, 2008

Generally speaking, you can’t help morning breath or moments of being rather rumpled because of life (it’s humanly impossible to look and smell pretty 24/7). That said, don’t let the familiarity that comes with years of marriage cause you to slide in your effort to be fresh and pretty for your husband.
I’m not suggesting the impossible. I remember those baby days when I struggled to get a shower by the end of the day or days when I hit the floor running because of work demands. Life does happen and hubbies need to understand the pull of responsibilities. I’m just encouraging a certain amount of self care so that we are healthy and so that we can be a pleasing partner to our spouse.

… the fragrance of your breath [is] like apples, and your mouth like the best wine! Song of Songs 7:8b-9 NAS

Think generous! Lori <><

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Today I am going to try to take a shower and do my hair first. I know this is what I used to do, but got away and forgot. However, Today it will be first and I hope to smell and feel squeaky clean when my husband gets home for lunch.
I did just that and feel so much better! She went down and I took my shower, washed my hair and put on some make up.
I will be ready to see my husband when he gets home, that is unless Scout wakes and goops me up!
Sometimes when we are stay at home moms or grammies we tend to let ourselves go, we think of everything else and forget that we feel better if we are ready for the day too. We get the little one’s dressed and forget we need to be looking better too.
When I had 4 kids 5 and under I can remember the times I wanted to get them all down so I could have a few minutes. Sometimes most of the time nap time was for me. It still is!
We need to remember, we are moms and moms are nurturers, givers and caretakers. However, moms are people too and need the same things as we give others. Sometimes We can do our best if we feel and look presentable. This means giving yourself a bit of pamper time and fix up time, even if it is just a quick shower and hair comb. Spray a little body spray, brush your teeth and you will feel so much better!