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Today is Works For Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer and I would like to tell you about something that Works for Me.

I find that trying to live the Christian woman life often needs support. I want to be here for those that need the support and advice of someone who is older and has been there. I have also found other places on the web that are there to help. One of them is a forum as well as web site called Christian Homemaking. I find there are good helps as well as support to help us be all we can be as women. Check out the site! Martha has a real heart for women and is developing quite a lot of helps on the site as well as the forum.

Frugal Living Search

Frugal living is getting more and more popular these days. I belong to several yahoo groups that give ideas for living more frugally. Frankly I find some of it rather interesting. Frugal Friday ideas that have come across from Biblical Womanhood are put on there like they are new ideas, but then again, maybe to some they are; like making your own laundry soap. (Believe it or not, I actually had my mom… 81 years old… call and ask for my recipe for fabric softener!)

One of the ways for being frugal on the group was dumpster diving. Now, I have grabbed usable things from a dumpster or others trash. I have no problem with doing that when something good is out, but food? I mean they were talking about grabbing food from the trash and eating it. I almost puked reading about it and thought they were nuts.

As I was looking for more ways to be frugal I decided to do a google search on “frugal living”. I was amazed at what I found. Yes, some were ideas we have talked about on Frugal Friday, but others were new. Guess what? Dumpster Diving was in the google search. I still say yuck, but I was really shocked at the people that find food this way.

In doing the search, I also came across a CNN report that said frugal living was more about priorities than sacrifice. This is where I am.

I feel it is wise to live frugally. My husband makes fun of me at times, yet brags to others about my frugality. I would rather do without until I find it for free, cheaper or no longer need it then to go and just buy it now. Waiting is hard sometimes and sometimes I have had to end up paying the price, but I never jump at something. I think about it, see if I really need it and then decide.

My husband is different, but learning. He has seen me operate and have it work out and is pretty good about doing the same. It was not always that way with him. This has taken prayer and time. If you and your husband are not on the same wave length here it may take some time, but when you can let him see how well it works to be frugal.

Now, go to Google or Mahalo and type in “frugal living”. Check out all the pages and find some new ways to be frugal. More ways will also be found at Biblical Womanhood’s Frugal Friday!

Make a Few Bucks

I am trying something new and I would like to invite you to try it too.

Most of us use Paypal for some online transaction or to get money to someone. Recently I have been hearing about something called Revolution Money Exchange. I does not cost to use, money transfers can be made between members and sent back to your account.

This is what the company has to say:

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Secure transfers.
With so many leading-edge security features built right in, security comes second nature to MoneyExchange. A PIN is required when you send money from your MoneyExchange account and transfers are processed safely and securely.

Your wallet will thank you.
Best of all – it’s FREE

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  • If you would like to try it out, email me (peggie dot loden at gmail dot com) and I will send you an invite. You will get $25 in your account for signing up through me and I will get $10 in mine, so we both win and that works for me!

    CASA Kids

    Today I have been so busy, thinking about getting rid of opossums, running after a 16 month old and then going to see our CASA boy. But I also found myself thinking about some of the complications of life. Our CASA boy has faced things no kid should have to face, all because of parents not working together, sticking together and learning to love and handle things in a proper way.

    I guess my mind got to wandering and wondering. I found myself being thankful for the parents I had, and for the way God led my husband and I to stick together through raising our children. I wondered how my readers were handling their families and how I can be of help.

    What about the rest of the kids in this world? If you care and want to have a real blessing, check out the CASA in your area, get trained and get yourself another kid! There is someone out there that needs you.

    Whose Eyes Do YOU See With?

    We all look through the world with different eyes. Our circumstances, our past and our hopes are just some of the things that change the way we look at things.

    These eyes were looking at me when I got up this morning. For details go to Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker and you can read the story. It changed the way I looked at things this morning.

    Adult eyes

    Kids eyes

    As I have said in previous posts I watch one of my grand daughters. I am constantly reminded that I see the world through old eyes.

    When we go outside and see nature all around, her way of looking at it is so different than mine. Not that what I see is bad, but what I see is not the same as hers.

    We were on the porch and the birds were coming to the feeder. She is awed by them, how they eat, chase each other and come down on the porch to steal the cat food. Colors stand out to her, and then where they fly to when they leave.

    The humming bird buzzes us and she is confused about it and asks if it is a bird, not a bee.

    She is so taken by the flowers and the colors and sees flowers unnoticed by me. Grass is green. Roses are pink and white. Pretty clouds.

    Inside, a box is a train, my gazelle exerciser is a swing. Scout swinging

    What do we see in a pot lid? Or a plant?

    Sometimes I think when we get older we miss an awful lot of life. Things God made for our enjoyment and pleasure we over look. Our wonderment gets lost in our fears, worries, hustle and bustle of the world.

    Today, sit back, look at things as your child, grand child, niece or nephew views them and take in more of what God has for us.

    There is a saying that says “take time to smell the roses”. If you want to smell you need to take time to see them. Today, look with that child, see the world in a whole new light. You may just learn something!