What mom wants

I am in a quandary.  Tomorrow is Mother’s day and I had already decided what I was going to do for my mom and what we would be giving her. She will not get it till we make our trip after Mother’s day, but we decided. I am now questioning my decision.

Proflowers keeps telling me how much she wants flowers. Proplants says she wants plants. Shari’s Berries says she wants strawberries and  Sam’s club is telling me she wants Jewelry or candy.

Today Lowes is telling me she wants a gift card from them to go buy things to fix her house up. Sears says she wants exercise equipment and Another shop says she wants some sexy lingerie.

Oh now what do I do?

I asked my mom why she was telling everyone what she wants when we had already decided. She said she liked what we had in mind better so she would ask them all for her money back for what she paid them to try to throw hints to me!

What are you doing for your mother? Remember mom on Mother’s day. I am sure she is going to be waiting to hear from you.