Funerals part 2

I never expected there to be a part two to the last post. There is.

Last Friday a member of our church had a massive heart attack and died suddenly. He was 51. It hit everyone hard as he was one of the most likable guys you would want to know. He was active and never knew a stranger.

I remember one time Dave and I were standing by the snack table at Bible Study. We were both looking at all the great looking stuff on the table. All sweets. Both of us diabetic. We lamented. We laughed. We both took a small piece of something. It was a reminder then of how I had to watch my first hubby or he would have had the whole table gone! Somehow I think if I was not watching Dave might have too!

We could not make the funeral because of distance and my husband’s job, but went to the viewing last night. I was a bit shaken as to how much he resembled my first husband EXCEPT Dave could have made 3 of Willie. He was a big guy, tall and big boned and Willie was not short but weighed about 133 dripping wet.

Memories flooded once again, but this time I had something to offer his widow. I had been there in her shoes. I wrote her a note and when we got to the funeral home she told me that my note made her know she was going to be ok. She said it came and said what was needed.

God used the pain from 12 years ago to help someone else.

We all go through family pain. Sick kids or spouses, trials along the way and grown children in messes with their own families or health all  can be used later to help someone else. I remember at the time of my husband’s death asking to Lord to let me feel, experience and learn from it ALL that HE wanted me to.

Never ask the Lord that unless you mean it! For me it was like hell on earth for a few years. Family and friends did not always understand what I was doing or why. Hey, I did not understand! BUT God knew and when pieces of it all can be used with others along the way it helps heal some of the pain in our own heart and emotions.

Whatever you are going through with family ask God to teach you what HE wants you to learn.  God is helping you grow so you can learn to trust HIM more and be used later on for HIS glory.