This week has been a week of funerals. My husband’s  long time friend lost his sister in law and his mother in two days.  As we sat through both funerals and one grave side ceremony I watched family and did a lot of thinking.

Some of the songs were the same as I used when my first husband died. Memories came tumbling down in my head while tears came down on my face and in my heart.  My emotions are struggling right now and I wish I could go hug each of my kids.

The message at the first funeral was ok, but not as strong as I would have wanted. The funeral today gave a strong message for any non believers in the crowd.

One thing that really struck me today though was the memories that family had of the dead one. There was happy times, things said by the person that changed lives of family and gratitude for the way this member was and how much they meant to the family. What bothered me so was “Did they ever tell the person who has just left this world?”

Why do we wait for funerals to write up and tell how the loved one changed us? Or memories we have? Funny things that happened and how it made an impression on us? How they handled a situation that maybe inspired us or just encouraged us? Why do we wait?

I do not want memories read at my funeral. At least not ones that were never said to me or encouraged me along the way.   Let’s try to tell our relatives and friends what we feel and how much they mean to us before we are looking at them in the casket and telling the world.

This was written last week but for some reason never posted…. read on to this week…