The last year has been a trying one. Many things have been going on and after three surgeries on my hands I am ready for all this to be behind me and move on. It is getting old… very old…

On June 7th I had the third surgery on my hands. Not as intense as the other two, and is not supposed to be as long in the healing line, but after 10 months of hands in some form of cast/support/glove/bandage I am sick of this:


Now, this is light and mild compared to the other casts/supports that I have had, I am still so ready to get it off and hopefully begin to get the use of the hand back. My right hand is gaining strength and since the last treatment has had less swelling and pain, so I am praying that it continues to heal.

Tomorrow I get this off and the stitches out. I hope I am right in my thinking that there will not be another bandage but just exercises to help move it and strengthen it.

How I am looking forward to that!

Showering without a plastic bag will be a real plus too! I know I will not be able to hold the washcloth in that hand yet, but at least I can feel clean!

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow and then let you in on other things that have been going on and keeping me from getting things done. Some exciting stuff, even though hard to live with at the moment!