When Husbands get ideas

I don’t know about you, but I like to have the house be the way I want it. I get ideas for the walls or arranging the furniture and go with it. At least I want to.

I married a man who had been divorced for 10 years. His home was his home. He did not see any need to really care for it, inside or out. When something fell apart he patched, covered or in some other way cared for it… or not.  My first look at the place had grass that was half way up the house (yes, grass, this is Texas and we all know how things are in Texas!).

Inside was not much better. The floor had “soft spots” and some were patched, some not. You know who fell through before they got done!

Since money is tight there was not much I could say or do to change things. We have an old double wide and the walls were the typical paneling, all the same color and no matter what was put up it blended in to the walls.

Finally he agreed to painting the paneling in the living room. YEAH! No more dark paneled walls, but now a bright room.  The living room floors are all plywooded and solid and ready for some flooring.

Then the kitchen went. The cabinets are falling apart, doors off. Worse than that was the discovery that the sink has been leaking and the floor and cabinet the sink is in are all rotted.

This means pulling out everything and putting down plywood flooring (other places have soft spots or patching already) and redoing the whole kitchen. Fun with no money! We are getting the bare minimum to do it and living with what we can get and making do, which will be a challenge.

Now, dear hubby has the light bulbs going off. My sewing room has been the dining room table and the space behind it. He decided that he wants the dining room to be part of the kitchen and the front half of the living room to be run into the dining room and my sewing area now be the other half of the living room.  I fought it but then he got with his two daughters and everyone though it to be a good idea.

I gave in and even though nothing has been done in the kitchen yet I moved the room around to see how it would look.

I am still trying to get used to it, but have to say I like having the table cleared all the time and not cluttered with fabric and sewing machines. However, I have not sewn since as I do not want to clutter the table and the new arrangement still needs the table to cut out the patterns. Also still struggling with hand problems so doing any of it is hard.

For me, I find it difficult when I am not the one who sets up the home. I learned why a long time ago when my late husband was in seminary. The home is the extension of the woman. When the home is not “her” it is hard for her to feel fulfilled. A man’s extension is his job, so the same goes when he is not satisfied or able to enjoy his job.

This is something that as a woman we need to understand about our hubby. He may have a job that brings home the money, but if the job is not “him” he may be struggling like we do with our home.

Husbands need to understand this too. but I doubt too many husbands read my blog, so ladies it is up to us to respond to them and pray for them and their jobs.