Sins of Omission

What do you think of as a “worse” sin, sins of omission or sins of committing?  Let me explain sins of omission. God has things for us to do, things we are placed on this earth for, either by direct commandment in the Bible or because He has led us or made things come in our path that are “Ours” to do.  He has said in his word that if we know to do right and do not do it then it is sin.

This is broad! Someone drops things in the store and we do not help them pick it up. We may walk by and snicker about how it served them right the way they were acting, doing etc.  Sin? Yup in most cases.

Sin that we do I think we all understand, and, even the sin of omission falls under the sin of commission. If we fail to do something we have committed a sin just as if we did a “big” sin.

Why am I bringing all this up? Because many times we think that we will “play it safe” and not do something when God wants us to do it. Many times we do not do things HE expects of us and wants us to do, but we follow general consensus and ignore what we are being led to do.

Many times we are just not close enough to the Lord to know what we are to do or what HE wants us to do.

As I get older I think back over life. I realize so many times decisions could have been different, yet we followed what we felt God wanted. Sometimes it was not the popular decisions and sometimes it was down right against what WE wanted to do, but we did it.  There were consequences and sometimes these made us doubt, but the Peace of God ruled since we made them in His will.

Other times I look back at life and see things I felt, and knew at the time, I was being led to do, but doubted. Maybe it did not make sense to me or maybe others pushed that it was not a “good idea” etc.  This too had consequences. Many times bigger than the ones where I did do something wrong. God’s Peace was not there.

Lately there are many things going on in the world. As I read my Bible I see where much of what is going on would not be happening if His people obeyed God way back. We look in Scripture and see where God gave direct commands to the children of Israel and they disobeyed. Maybe just in part, a small part we think. However, the consequences are grave and coming back even today to them and the world. Sin of omission consequences are hurting all of us now.

Will God fix it? Yes in the end, but this world is going through and will go through much worse things both with wars and “natural” disasters, before HE comes again and reigns.

Sin of Omission is as huge as sins of committing, yet we think of them as small or not of sin at all.

What are you doing with your family? Your kids?  Do you have a regular time of devotion with them teaching them the Word of God? Or is this an omission?  When you go about life, are you aware of sin, both omission and the ones you do? A kind word fitly spoken?  Reaching out to your enemies? Are you teaching your children BOTH types of sin and letting them see by example that they need to be aware to do as well as not do?

For me, I am afraid that I am going to face the Lord and be asked why I did not do…..  I am sure the list is long.  WHY? Because not always are we so in tune with God that we know what to do and what not to do. As a people we are too busy, too self centered and too stressed. We have replaced the relaxed sense of God and putting our priorities where they belong  with the urgency of the moment.

Sins by Omitting what we should do and sins by doing what we should not do all have grave consequences.

As I look at where the children of today are headed, the rebellion in young adults and the values of the parents, I cringe.  Our world is heading into something that is predicted in the Bible and yet people are not turning to God. Christians are not being taught, not teaching their Children and not even aware of what is happening.  Like in the days of old when the prophets were laughed at in Scripture, the few Men of God that are teaching the coming events predicted in Scripture are being laughed at or ignored.

Sins of omission.  Not taking heed to God’s Word, not forsaking the sin, going about day to day as if the world will be the same.  Not looking for or teaching our children to look for, the Lord calling us into the clouds. Not warning about the coming Tribulation to this world.  Omission.

Today I pray God will show me what HE wants. Make things clear and help me to hear Him, not only in what not to do, but in what to do.

I pray the same for you.