Growing Families

Last night I fell asleep fairly quickly. I am having either a sinus infection or else all the wind here in Texas is blowing in something that has me feeling pretty bad. Sore throat, stuffed head, bad headache and a cough has worn me out so I took something before bed. It made me go to sleep pretty fast. This was 9:30. At 11:54 (I know the time because my husband was gifted with the greatest clock that projects the time on the ceiling and even a person who can’t see without glasses can read those bright red numbers!) I woke and laid there coughing and thinking.

I thought about how my family has grown. I have grand kids that have grown so big since I last saw them and can’t wait to see them again. I thought about having so many grandkids and the thoughts of more being added. It was then my mind changed from the size of my grandkids to the number of them and the way they were added to my heart.

My late husband and I had five children.  These five children married over time and had children. My husband died, but the new lives from our marriage kept coming (and are still coming!)

Five years later I remarried a man with three children, all married and with no children. A year and half after we married one of my daughters remarried a man with two children, adding two more grandkids to the mix, making a total of  13.

Over the following year all three of Rick’s children and one of mine had girls, one by adoption.  We now had 17 grandkids!  Soon that number increased and now it is at 20, but if the kids have their say it is not stopping there.

There is an old nursery rhyme that came to my mind, it started out “Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow….”

Well, my name is not Mary and I am not growing a garden ( even if I tried my sheep and goats would eat what I planted!) However, what is growing is my family and my heart.

My children and grand children have come by different ways, but they are all part of me. Some have my blood but all have my heart.  As some have come by adoption, some by marriage and more to come through adoption and babies born to kids, our family grows.

God has made our hearts and love to expand beyond what is imaginable. I feel so blessed. Yes, my heart aches because I live so far from many of them. My heart aches as I have little money to lavish them or even go see them as I want. However, I still feel blessed. Every adoption, birth and step has touched my heart in a special way and I am so glad that God grows families in all kinds of ways.

My blood or not, all my kids, spouses, grandkids  have my heart and love.

I praise God that they are all in my life. I can’t spend time with all of them like I would like, but I can pray and look forward to seeing them when I can.

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  1. May everyone remember that we and our children, children’s children, etc. are born to eternal life. We may not spend as much time with them in this life but we have eternity to love them and know them. Love you.

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