Some People…Update

My last post was written when I was a bit fired up over people dumping animals off. I wanted to give an update on the kittens and hope to have a picture up tomorrow if I can.

Yesterday we rescued another one of the kittens, leaving two more in the brush. Living here in Texas our brush is thick with things that stab, bite and grab you not to let go.  These kittens were back in stuff so thick with prickers and some other vine that has prickers all over. I can’t remember what they call it here, but it grabs and the more you fight it the more it grabs. I tried to get in but could not and they were too afraid to come out.

This morning I went down with some food and could not find them anywhere. I called and no answer walked around and still no crying. I came home upset, but vowed to go back later.

My granddaughter and I headed back this afternoon and as we rounded the curve in the road we saw buzzards. I knew then that one or both were gone. We ran, scared off the birds to see one kitten hit in the road.

After moving it off the road we went to the brush and the last little one was yelling. We looked and looked and finally I worked into the middle of the brush and set down some food. We then decided to go home and put the other three in a pet carried, walk back down and let them call the other one out. It worked, that is until the little one hit the food.  Poor thing was so hungry it was gulping and making piggy noises, this was quite amusing to a 4 yr old granddaughter!

After a bit I worked my way back in but could not grab it, but it was not going to go far from its brothers and sister.

I walked one way and my granddaughter stood right next to the pet carrier. When the little one came over and tried to get to the others she grabbed it.

So, we have 4 out of 5 rescued.

I am even angrier now as one was hit. Not only that, these kittens are very comfortable around my granddaughter and dog. This makes me feel that who ever dumped them has children that they have either lied to or taught them it is ok to dump animals.

Our pets have grown, but I feel blessed that we were able to rescue them and care for them. I also think it is teaching our granddaughter a good lesson both on what some people do wrong nd on the care of babies that can’t defend themselves.

Through this all I have learned of some bloggers who push the rescue of animals and when I learn more I hope to write on my other blog about them.