Some People

Some people really upset me! Oh, there are different things that rattle my cage, but tonight someone really got to me.

We live in the country, but only a half mile from the city limits. Why some people think that is is fine to drive by pasture land and toss out animals. No houses nearby, at least not for some poor little animal to find.

My husband and I were on our way out to check out a store for home improvement items. We have to redo our kitchen due to a leak we did not know existed and have been trying to find bargains for some of the parts we need. He thought of a store about 35 miles away and we headed out to catch it before they closed.

We made it about a a third of a mile and there on the side of the road was a litter of very small kittens. Poor things were scared and I was only able to catch two. We were not sure if there were 4 or 5 total, but we rescued only 2. They can’t be over 4 weeks old and right now are very noisy!

My brain is noisy too. I want to tell who ever did this off so bad. The other little ones do not have much chance of making it. We have lost cats way bigger than them to things that roam in the dark and these little guys can’t even fend for themselves to get food.

Right now we have 4 other cats that were dumped. One was not much bigger than these and was hurt by some animal. Three others were walk ins and we lost two to something out there. All dumped kitties.

Yes, some people…. and if I thought they would read this I would give them a piece of my mind.

Thanks for listening to me, I am broken hearted that I could not catch the others, but hope to at least care for these and find them a good home when they are old enough.

3 thoughts on “Some People

  1. That’s one reason BlogPaws exists. Our community of pet bloggers try to find out who is responsible when these things happen. This is so unacceptable! I encourage you to leave a note on our Facebook page – maybe we can at least get the word out that these kitties need homes.

  2. This makes me so angry. I grew up in the country and we were forever rescuing dumped animals. I once spent weeks trying to coax a dumped cat to trust me to take her inside, with no luck, and eventually found her dead. She was declawed! People who think that animals can fend for themselves are sooooo mistaken.

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