Something no parent or grandparent really wants to hear

This morning as I was writing an email my granddaughter came in to the room with a bit of a stricken look on her face. I could tell something was not right. She was holding her stomach.

S: Grammie, I must have grown up

Me: Why honey:

S: I think there is a baby in my belly

Me: What makes you think that?

S: I can hear it. I must have grown up and got a baby growing inside.

Me: What does it sound like? (All the while trying to keep from cracking a laugh)

S: Like it is drinking something

Me: You mean like a gurgling?

S: Yes, it is a baby in there drinking my insides, come out here and listen.

We walked to the living room where she took her drink and swallowed.

S: It is not doing it now.

Me: Explains about the drink going down and gurgling to the stomach and intestines etc. And explaining she is too young to have a baby and needs to grow up and get married first.

Shew…  Hopefully we will not hear about a baby in her belly again for many years to come.