Itchy Rashes

How are all of you handling this cold weather? Texas is colder than normal by a long shot. Pipes froze, heat not keeping the place warm enough, fires burning in the fireplaces and wood stoves are part of the life in the winter.

As I sit here and want to do things but just can’t get moving in the cold I try to plan. My mind has been working on some ideas and bouncing them off my husband when he is around and can talk. Not a normal thing lately! Work schedule and now the cold have changed our time together into “fighting fires” that are happening around the house.

Since my surgeries I have been not able to do as I would like to be doing. My hands just do not work well, so sewing,  cleaning out the cabinets, getting curtains made and up etc have all been on hold. Things normally done are setting still. Rick has just not had the time and I can’t. This cold has them even less usable.

All this has given me thinking time. I spend more time helping my granddaughter with her doings by getting her paper and telling her what to do to make what she wants to make. She is a real craft doer and we click really well. She has been a life saver through the surgeries and even now with the limitations I have so I do not mind her desire to make and do for herself now.

Yesterday was one of those days. She was sick, but still wanted to do a craft. I had bought items that I can mostly tell her what to do since I am not able to do as much myself and yesterday she began right in on a “peacock”.  It turned out really cute and then she curled in the chair sick and I curled on the couch cold and a bit frustrated over frozen pipes and my heavy drapes not finished to get up and help keep some of this cold out!

A short time later she came to me to ask for something more to eat and I looked and she had red spots all over her hands and one cheek. They were really weird red spots though, so I grabbed her hand and looked closer. She said “Oh that is an itchy rash”. She had watched Little Bear and one of the bears got into poison ivy and got an itchy rash, so Scout had to draw her own itchy rash.  Another craft?

As my hands are healing I am getting my own “itchy rash”. I am anxious to get back to my sewing and doing more than straight lines and simple stitches that require no pushing, pulling, turning or cutting.

Last night I told my husband I sure would like to make all the girls Easter Dresses again this year. I did not make them clothing for Christmas and has been a bit since I made them all something. I think I can pull it off with Easter being late this year and will try to make something and see how it goes.  This is February and Easter is April, so there is a good chance I can do it as my hands heal. Time for a challenge that is enjoyable and not just fixing the fires of things falling apart around here.

Time to scratch that itchy rash!