What are you Passing Down?

I am not talking about outgrown clothing and such, but what of you is going to the next generation or to the one after that?

When my kids were all little I tried to let them dabble in what I was doing. Cake decorating, sewing etc were common in the house as well as trying various crafts. Some were not interested in any of them, others one here or there.

When the grandkids came along I babysat some of them and found they wanted to get into things I was doing also. Sometimes it was fun, sometimes frustrating! Like trying to take college classes and having them love the animation but then clicking something on my keyboard and losing all my work! (I mean this girl could lose a whole project in a second!) They also learned that grammie would print out coloring pages for them and had a whole vast amount of coloring at her fingertips! Way more than any coloring book could give and they could pick out what pictures they wanted.

When I moved from being close to the grand kids my heart just ached for the little ones to be around. I remarried, moved to Texas and that part of me was just crying out to share with the kids.

Then a blessing came and my step daughter (hate that word “step” these kids are like my own but being technical here) asked me if I would keep their baby when she was born. I was so thrilled. First, she was trusting me with their most valuable “possession” and that I would, again, have a little one to share and spend time with.

Now, 4 years later, I am dreading the day she starts school! We have fun together and she loves crafts! One day she plopped her little self, legs dangling off the chair and no where near reaching the foot peddle,  in front of my serger and said “OK Grammie, you use that machine and I will use this one”.  I explained that she had to get bigger and she replied “Oh dang it”.

She then began taking the scraps of fabric that came off the serger or I cut from sewing and saved them in her “collection”. I had started giving her crafts to do and made up her own craft box. It had markers, crayons, glue stick, scissors and other things as I found them. I was also given an endless stack of construction paper from a kids program cleaning out a closet so she has that available.

Before long she was taking the fabric scraps and making scenes on the paper by gluing them down in designs and drawing other parts. Since then she has done all kinds of things and I watch yard sales etc for any craft supplies she might be able to do.

She has signs hanging up all over the house, one to tell the cat not to sleep on the dogs bed, one to tell the dog not to eat her food when she gets up and has not finished it yet and one on the door to say “no boys allowed in this room”. Now, mind you. these signs need interpretation. The only one that you can read is Makita (my dogs name) but she is trying.

Last week she looked at a picture of me with her and her 3 cousins. It was taken about 3 years ago, so they were all little and the last one was only 2 months old so I was leaning on the couch helping her hold him.  When she looked at the picture the first thing out of her mouth the minute she saw it was “There you are grammie, taking good care of your grand kids”. My heart just jumped! What a joy to know that this is what she thinks of me… giving good care.

Friday I had to go to a meeting for my CASA child. I took her along as she is easy and usually very good. They asked her what her favorite things is to do with her grammie. Her answer “crafts”.

As I think of all this, my heart is so thrilled that she thinks I give good care and that I am passing on my love for crafts.

While all these thrill me, the one thing that thrills me even more is her love for Bible stories. We have devotional time every day before nap and she will not let me forget it. She is always so excited to learn more of the Bible. On the way home from the meeting mentioned above she she told me that sometimes she listens to me and sometimes she does not. I told her it was very good when she listens and asked her if she knew what it was called when she did not listen. She said “bad?” I told her it was called “sin”. She quickly associated it with our Old Testament stories we had been going to and said, covering her mouth in upset, “That means God will have to punish me!”  I then explained Grace to her and reminded her about Christ’s death for us.

She said “I love Jesus, He is alive again and I will see Him when I go to heaven”.

What a thrill in my heart to know that I am passing down not just worldly pleasures, but Jesus.

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  1. Grammie what a lovely time you are having with the little ones. I do the same with mine The 1st boy was 6 weeks old the 2nd boy was 3 mths old and his cousin was the same age then along came the litle girl she was 6 mths old. Their mother is a senior wine maker and the dad is a wine grower,the mum and dad of the other little boy both had their own businesses. The most special thing that really touched my heart was Christmas when I was getting the Christmas pudding ready to reboil, the girl then 3 yers old said we did not have a birthday cake for Jesus so could we please use the boiled pudding, I got tears with that one. Have a wonderful year,

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