I have been thinking

Thinking? You may say “What is new, everyone things”. Well that is true. However, not everyone has a blog that they wanted to be worth something and end up neglecting. My readers have vanished and I am wondering how to get things back in groove again, or even if I can.

I used to be part of blog links, blog groups that post on certain days of the week about certain things etc, instead I hardly read other blogs let alone write to my own two.

Life has a way of taking over and neglect comes in.

Having two surgeries in the last 6 months has set me back even more.

Christmas came and went, actually, Thanksgiving came and went with me having no hands working. Presents took forever to wrap. No sewing.

NOW, it is a new year. Hands still not working right, but doing better and I look forward to a new year of something. What? I do not know. However, I hope to keep up better on the blogs and hopefully get hands working and maybe even get something more done here at home.