Living with a “limp”

Do not know  that officially an arm can have a limp, but it sure feels like it. For a bit over two weeks now I have been one handed. Left handed at that. Now, I do many things with my left hand normally.  My brain has a confusion and somethings I am left dominant and other things right. I write with my right hand, but other things I am left handed. I am left leg dominant, left eye dominant  but bowl right handed. Try that one out! My best bowling came when I was 5 months or more pregnant. I guess the belly counter balanced the eye and leg!

Anyway, right now I am left handed and that hand has the same problem that I just had surgery for in the right hand. Sometimes I feel totally helpless. If this is not bad enough my right shoulder has a problem that is acting very much like the rotator cuff . Having gone through that once I am not anxious to do it again.

I am glad God gave me a husband who has been taking care of meals, dishes, laundry and helping me shower etc. I must say I am using lots more hairspray than normal as he is not great with hair. I had to buy new earrings and ask the salesgirl to put them in since he could not do it.

My granddaughter stands by to help get my pants up when I use the bathroom. Sometimes one hand just does not work!

All in all I am surviving. A bit bored since I can’t do, but making it.

Friday I got the stitches out . Scout wanted to go and see. She told me she thought it “would probably be ugly and scare her, but she wanted to see anyway.” She then added she was going to ask them to put a purple cast on. We got to the office and she watched, asked questions and made remarks. The tech was so good about showing her and answering.

Then she did it, “Will you put a purple cast on my grammie?” The tech had no purple left, but offered her a pretty blue or a hot pink.  Guess which cast is on my arm!