Pain and Surgery

Surgery, pain and life.

This will be short. I am one handed and in pain but have to brag about a wonderful husband and sweet granddaughter.

Friday I had surgery on my hand. it was n extensive surgery where they removed the joint at the base of my thumb on my right hand and made a new one out of a ligament from my arm. This meant cutting the ligament and turning it back around and stringing it through a hole they drilled in my thumb bone. They then roll the rest of the ligament up and shove it where the joint was and it now will settle in and become the joint.  All this means I can’t use the hand for a month. After the month it will get retrained to work, then they will do my other hand.

My dear husband has taken off work this week to help me. Pain and the inability to use my right hand has me a bit handicapped.  Yesterday I had to have my 3 yr old granddaughter help me get my pants up!

For me not doing is hard. My lambs are being cared for by hubby. Two lambs are afraid of my hand and look at the cast and bandage as a threat. One tries to defend himself and protect me from my hand! Not a good thing! Depressing for me to not even be able to go sit with them for a bit.

I do not know how you handle things like this but I am a much better care giver than a patient.  Pray for my poor hubby and for me.