Live what you say to your kids!

As faithful readers know, I babysit one of my granddaughters all day, every day. She is a delight, but has brains beyond  her years of 3! Her association and quick thinking can be a real challenge on many days, a big source of humor on other days.   Yesterday was both.

Over the weekend my husband was finally getting at the rest of the painting in the living room. That is until he ran out of paint and time and could not finish the one wall.  Here is what it looked like when he got done rolling out all that was left on the roller just to use it up.


I asked my granddaughter if she liked the way PAPA painted the wall.

Nose turned up, eyes funny as if to say “I need to be polite, but it looks awful” she said a sarcastic “yeah” and, not missing a beat, pointed to the other walls


and said: “So, you painted the other walls?” in a tone that said “they look so good I know HE would not have done it”.

NO darling, PAPA did them all and then I explained.

Later that day I caught her outside on the porch with a pointed stick trying to poke the goat in the eye.

I screamed and made her come in and gave her a good talking to and a corner to sit in.

That night her dad talked to her about being mean to animals and never hitting or poking an animal. He went through all about being kind to animals when  granddaughter got into his face and put her finger on his nose and said “But Daddy, YOU are the one that throws rocks at the cats” walked away and would not listen to him any more on the subject.

Yes, this is a 3 yr old. Kids listen to our actions more than out words.

While the first incident with the paint was funny and an association that was humorous, the second one is a lesson in actions speak louder than words.

What ARE we really telling our children and grandchildren? They will learn what they see us do quicker and more meaningful than what our words say.

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  1. Ouch.:) Thanks for this. Been struggling with what I say to my own children. I have a lot to think about. Thanks.:)

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