The Stash

Some days a three year old can test you to the end. Today was one of those days.

Most of you know I watch my 3 yr old granddaughter every day. She is one of those kids that is ahead of her age and you never know what to expect from her. She is tall and yesterday someone thought she was going into Kindergarten or first grade. She is only 3 and a half!

Today I was not sure what she was acting like. How it all started is a blur at this point, I am so tired and the mess she has left behind is still all over as I have no energy to pick it up.

I walked into the kitchen this morning and there on the counter was they chocolate syrup. It was in the refrigerator. I opened the frig to put it back and saw the lid was not on the milk. I knew what I must have interrupted. Walking back to the counter I found my coffee cup with chocolate syrup in it, my dishcloth with syrup on it and milk in the sink.

Dear darling granddaughter was out on the front porch, she ran there when I came out of the bathroom.

In and out all day, clothes hanging to dry pulled down making a cape for riding the bike. When I told her to put on her shoes I was told “Dang it (PAPA taught her that one) I do not want to wear shoes.

I fix the clothes, she went inside. Mess after mess happening.

Finally she went to the bathroom. I knew she had not gone in a bit so did not think anything of it., that is till I went in the bathroom.

I never saw she went in with a spoon or I might have known something was not right, you just do not take spoons into the bathroom. I never saw the spoon though, but wish I did.

On my counter, and on her, was a mix of Oil Of Olay, ChiggerX, toothpaste and cherry lotion. She had spooned out my jar of Olay and added ChiggerX to it, then the other stuff and made a nice mess.

I got after her for the umpteenth time and put her in a chair in the corner. The only corner I thought was safe.

I walked to the corner moments later and there was water all over the floor. I knew she never left the corner so asked how it got there.

This little girl planned ahead. Behind a can on the fireplace bricks was her tea set, all filled with water and ready to play with!

The day went on like that, one thing after another but at least I knew to watch the corner for her stash.

Some time after I spoke to her mom and told her about my day. She told me that the night before she had to put her in the corner for a time out also, but mom found the stash first. Hidden in the corner, but sticking out enough to catch mom’s eye, was some suckers (or lollipops, according to where you are from). They were hiding there for the next time she had to sit in the corner.

So, mom’s, grammies, aunties or who ever you are, search the corners before placing a child in for time out. I learned the hard way!