Old As Dirt?

You have heard all the birthday jokes and wise cracks. I know, I have too.

This week I had a birthday. I am getting older, aren’t we all.  I have always dreaded getting older, but the one thing that has helped me all along the way was people thinking my grand kids  were my kids. This rarely happens any more. Oh, it does if I am with my older grand kids, but not being with a 3 yr old.  Only on occasion will someone say “Ask your mom if I can give this to you”. Believe me I beam when they do!

I have little gray hair, at least not noticeable unless you are staring at my head. My hair is thick, granted not as thick as when I was young, but for my age is still pretty good. It is natural curly, so my hair style is not “old lady”. Will not work with my hair anyway. I was also not one of the people that hit 30ish and get their hair cut short. Mine is long. Just to fool em!

Not really. I have never liked short hair on a woman and also… now do not get mad… but I believe that God intended for women to have long hair and men to have short hair. ( We find this in the Bible in several places, one is in 1 Corinthians 11). Because of my convictions, my hair will always be on the longer side.

Back to growing old.  I look back on life and think about things along the way. In reflecting, yes, there are things I would have done differently, places I wish I would have gone and things I wish I never said or wish I would have said.  However, I also believe in a Sovereign God who  will use it for His glory in the end. Things I look back on and think I should have done differently, I now can look and see how HE used it later on for the good.

Birthdays bring about all kinds of thoughts for different people. I do find that many, when “getting up there” do reflect on their life as well as think of the future.  For me, I wonder how many years I have left. Not that I REALLY WANT to know, but yet I wonder. I wonder what is going to happen to our country and how that will effect us older people. It looks gloomy to be honest.

One thing I do know, God has it in His hands and my years and hairs are numbered by Him.

SOOOOOOOOOO another birthday is another blessing. Early retirement here I come…..