Recital Night

I love to go see Grandchildren perform. I do not live close to most of the grandkids, but this last weekend I had the pleasure, enjoyment, laughs and pride of seeing two of my granddaughters perform in their first dance recital.

Both girls are three years old and leading up to this recital one of them took the whole roll very seriously. I watch her every day and when I had a doctor appointment about 65 miles away my husband took the day off and we spent it in Austin with her.

Hubby likes fabric stores as much as I do so we were having fun going to the stores and looking around. Scout’s mother had sent a cute jumper for her to wear and she looked adorable. One problem was, she would not keep it down but kept pulling it up over her head. After the umpteenth time of telling her to keep her dress down I finally said “put your dress down. It is not the proper thing to be walking around with your dress over your head and your panties sticking out” She obey and pulled it down, ran her hands down it straightening it all out and remarked “It is tough being a princess”. (All this after she was told to not look under the bathroom stalls and watch other people going to the bathroom, to which grammie said “Stop that, young ladies do not peek under the door and look at other people” . Her answer? “Well, I am NOT a young lady”.

Here is the “princess” getting ready for her performance.

Getting ready

Watch both performances below! My Two granddaughters are the 3rd and 2nd from the right.