Tribute to Mom

With mother’s day coming up many of us think about our moms. I do not live near my mom and most of my married life have not been able to share that day with her.

Let me tell you about my mom.

mom at ocean1

I am the oldest of 8 kids. Poor mom! We were a poor family, but she always had something on the table for us to eat, even when dad was out of work.  We lived in a small home, way too small for all of us, so us five girls shared a room and the boys had to share a room. Not easy and we certainly did not make it easy on mom! Bedtime was bedlam! We would fight, talk, play and carry on making her or dad come in many times to “talk” to us. Having raised 5 kids myself, I KNOW how much the eight of us put her through! She wanted peace and we certainly did not cooperate.

Allergies to milk made my family get goats. Our first goat hated mom, but she was persistent (mom and the goat!) and when dad or brothers were not around mom dealt with old Nanny.

Laundry was a chore, all those clothes and hanging on the line.

Even with all this, mom taught us to cook (yes, boys too) and do dishes. It was no easy task. We fought over dishes, did not do them clean and had to do them over again. We were “spoke to” many times but still made life rough on her.

When my first husband got an eye infection during his seminary training we ended up living with my parents for a bit so he could get to the specialist. Remember, I am the oldest, so this meant us, our two kids and the rest of my siblings all in this little house! My children were young and into things, and brought mom many a tear and a laugh while we were there.

After my husband finished seminary we moved back in with them for a short time while looking for a church. Now we had 4 kids, but some of my younger siblings were married and out of the house by then. Still a full house though!

I think through the years of the sacrificial love my mom gave us and how much she could have accomplished had she been like many mothers today. Mom is smart, funny and caring.  She could have gone far, but chose to be a mom and give it all she could.

Now, mom is in her 80’s. She has seen the death of her husband and the death of mine.  She has had a hard life but we still laugh when we get together or talk. She loves my current husband and that means much to me too.

Mom, I love you and thank you for all you have done over the years. You are a special lady and I can’t wait to see you again!!