When Husbands surprise you

Yesterday was a tired, stressed day. First, I could not sleep the night before. I had too much caffeine too late and was awake.  I went to the computer so as not to wake the babies (bottle baby sheep) or my husband and my email had a message from facebook that someone commented on something connected to me. I do not spend much time on facebook, just do not have the time to sit there like that, but that night I decided to read comments down my page.

I do not recommend it at bed time! I found out all the ads and messages from places I signed up as fans to; I found out my daughters and daughter in law were talking about milk; I found out that two daughters in law were threatening to kick eachother and the shorter one (Still MUCH taller than me) was threatening the other one and the taller said she could not reach her where she wanted to kick her. (NOW, this was all in fun, these two are best of friends, keep that in mind when I get farther down this post!)

I found out about all kinds of things. Some family members were collecting bald eagles and other weird animals, guess it is a game. Softball, trips and T-ball were all on my home/profile pages.

Again, I say do not read at bed time!

I finally went to bed. I began to dream. And dream. Animals, sickness and ball playing. Fabric and embroidery designs. And then, there I was at my one son’s house talking to his family when in comes the other son and his family. You got it! The two daughters in law began to fight. Now, remember, they are close friends! However, they were going at it for real,  trying to kick each other as threatened. Well, I woke and have no idea who won, but went to sleep and the taller one was gone and I was sitting there with a very happy daughter in law… I am guessing she did reach where she aimed.

Then I woke again and it was time for hubby to leave for work. (by 5 AM).  I was tired, felt like I never slept and Scout comes early.

My day went crazy. Scout was a little less than obedient and into everything. She was doing things she normally does not do like spilling water, starting the microwave when I am sitting on the pot, etc. Just seemed like I was cleaning up or scolding.  How I longed for nap time by 9 AM.

Nap time came and went. She played, would not sleep and finally got up as I did not want her going to sleep when her mom was coming in an hour. (Scout usually sleeps for 2-3 hours, if woke early you do not want to be near her!).

Rick ended up having to work till 7 or so as he had a big job, so he was gone for 14 hours+ and dinner was going to be late. I was tired, had to get things done that a 3 yr. old did not let me get done, and felt like doing nothing.

Not only that, but from reading things on facebook I missed my family so much more. I have grown used to a pain in my heart all the time, but sometimes it is made bigger. Yesterday was one of those days, just seems like the last few days have been leading up to it. I heard from all three daughters by email, text and phone call yesterday and wished that men were more communicative.

My husband had no idea of how I was feeling and the hard day I had with missing my kids and dealing with Scout’s antics. He had so much work that we did not talk much on the phone and I did not tell him as he had so much on his mind already.

Then he came home. He did not have flowers, but he had stopped and bought me a diet pepsi as well as this:

outside card

On the inside was this:

inside card2

What did I do?


It eased so much pain.

I have been so blessed with wonderful, loving husbands. My first husband was tops and never did I think another one would come along when he died.  God is so Good, and while Rick did not know what I needed yesterday, God did and planted it in Rick’s heart.

Sometimes a Husband can really surprise you!

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