Follow the Shepherd

We see that all through the Bible God tells us to follow the Shepherd. Christ says “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow Me” (Jn 10:27)

I have always loved sheep. I have written about it before and they are something I have always wanted to have. Reading Scripture about sheep and Christ comparing us to sheep and Him to the shepherd always touched me, however, it was not till I got my lamb that I began to more understand what HE was talking about.

Georgie came into my life unexpected, and then Blondie and Dagwood followed. A week ago the same rancher that gave me those three called me and said he had three more orphans and would I help him out by caring for them and keeping them. Would I??? !!!!

When Christ said “My sheep know my voice and … follow me” I understand. My lambs know my voice. I get up in the morning and walk around and they are quiet, but as soon as I say something they are yelling. When they see me they follow me, everywhere. Right at my legs, next to me. When I am gone and pull in the drive, they are yelling and if lose run as fast as they can to my side.  If I zig zag, they zig zag, it is the cutest thing, and also something that teaches me more of our Savior.

I was reading on Sheep 101 some interesting things about sheep:

  1. They will flee rather than fight It is their instinct. When I was given Georgie I was told that his breed just rarely fight. When challenged they will run towards each other as if to fight and then at the last minute turn away and run. We are to be like sheep, but what do we do instinctively?  This is a hard lesson for us to learn to be humble and let the fight go.
  2. Sheep know there is safety in numbers and will get in a pack to face the enemy. How often do we try to hide our sins and face the temptations and enemy alone?
  3. Sheep walk in a bit of a crooked line so their eyes can watch for predators in all directions. Already my lambs follow a straight path, but walk it “crooked” by looking over each shoulder with the steps to check for predators. (to these guys the predators are my goats that want to clobber them!)  Do we stay on the straight and narrow following the Savior but always watching out for the temptations that can get us and destroy us?
  4. Sheep have Keen Senses and are always alert to sounds and smells of predators and danger.  How sharp are our spiritual senses? Are we alert?
  5. Sheep have an amazing tolerance for pain. They know pain can make them more vulnerable and more open to their enemies.

As I pondered these things and watched my sheep I am more aware of why Christ called us sheep. It is what we are to be like, yet so hard for us at times.

Since Christ used the example so many times of us being sheep and Him the shepherd I think we all need to study sheep more. As I watch these sheep follow so close and if they sense any danger they run to my side, get behind me or about on top of me for protection. They all huddle together into me.

Watching this makes me more aware of what God expects of us. As Christians we are to huddle together and stick with the Shepherd. What is human instinct? Oh how I wish it was easy like it is for sheep!

My prayer is that I will press in to the Lord when I feel danger, pain, uncertainty and fear; but even more to press in and follow His voice through the every day walk of life.