Ya Gotta Watch out for Those Things

The new year is here! Can you believe it? I just do not know how the years fly by so fast, but it is hard to believe that 2009 is about gone. Enjoy the day, it is the last of the year!

In another week my husband and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary. I told him I was married for almost 30 years to my late husband and want to make it another 30 with him. While it is easy to say that this is ONLY number 5, they way the years fly by it is ONLY 25 more to go!

As I reflect on the past year and look to the next one some things come to mind, much of which can be summed up in the title of this post.

Yesterday I had Scout outside for much of the morning. We have goats and one of them had a nasty cut and has been penned for about a month. I had an idea that the way she got cut was the cow fencing along the side. It is barbed wire and the goats try to slip through it. Yesterday I decided to check the fencing all around and then let them out for a bit. Scout and I made the rounds of the fencing and wired up any loose places and then let the goats out. Everything was fine for a bit, but then Almond’s two little ones slipped through the cattle gate to the side pasture. Almond tried calling them back, but like most little kids they would not listen to mama. She yelled, the kids kept going. Finally she panicked and tried getting through the wire. She succeeded, but I was upset as I did not want her opening up her cut again or getting another one.

I went in, grabbed a leash to walk Almond back and Scout and I went into the pasture to retrieve the kids and Almond. Scout had never been in the pasture before so I had to teach her a few things. First thing was what a cow pie was and what it looked like.  I pointed out one and told her it was a cow poopy and do not step in it. She looked at me like I was a bit crazy as nothing could poop that big.  Then she almost stepped in another and I pointed it out. She then began looking for them.

Lesson two was what prickly pear cactus were and that you must avoid them as they are even worse than stepping in cow poopy.  I showed her the spines and told her to be careful. Holding her hand and watching out for everything while reminding her, we went further into the pasture to get the goats.

She went to look around a scrub cedar while still holding my hand, but bumped a prickly pear. She screamed as I grabbed her and tried to get her pants up to pull out the spines. We got them out, she told me I fixed it since I got the out quick and we moved on and put Almond on the leash. As we were walking back, she saw a very small prickly pear plant and said “there is a small one. Ya gotta watch out for those things”.

Just like that spine stuck in Scout’s leg, those words stuck in my heart as I think about the last year and the coming one.  How many times have I not watched out and been caught off guard by even small thing that stuck big time?

Maybe a situation that could have been avoided? Or words that slipped out to my husband that should have not come out? Or something not done that should have been?

Sometimes even little things can have a big impact in our lives. We get stuck.  Anger. “small” lie. We all face “prickly pears” every day.  How will we handle them this year?

For me, I hope I can be as profound as my 3 yr old granddaughter in the pasture: “ya gotta watch out for those things!”