What is this with all the Christmas stuff?

It is getting time for the turkey, gravy, stuffing (or dressing according to where you live!) and seeing family.  Thanksgiving is this month and I am excited. My daughter in North Carolina has invited all of us to her house for Thanksgiving. At this point I do not think my boys and their families are coming, but I will get to see the girls and their families. My husband will get to see step kids and grandkids he has not seen in two years. We are both so excited.

It will mean a long trip for us, about 1200 miles, but we are doing it.  We planned this trip at a time when my husband was not getting full time work, yet knew we needed for him to spend time with the family. It was an on faith planning.  The last year has been rough. Cut hours, sickness, break downs (things, not minds… well not minds officially). We have had no real vacation or time off together, I have gone with the kids, but not time for Rick and I together.

We prayed about the whole thing and wanted to make the trip. We were only scraping by on the money he was getting with 24-32 hours instead of the overtime he had been used to. Bills were getting cared for, but nothing left. Then his work made a change. Not more hours, but somehow made arrangements for them to collect a partial unemployment in the form of a debit card. We did not spend any of it, and waited to see what it would amount to.  When hours went back to normal we checked and there was enough in there for the gas to get there!! How we praise the Lord!!!  He then got a big order for his work and had to put in overtime for a few weeks. Yeahhhhhhhhh we can eat and not have to drive the 20 hours in one day as well!!

God cares and I am so looking forward to the trip.

This gives much more to be thankful for this year. Since marrying Rick holidays have been hard. His family is not like mine has been and getting together for every holiday has not been a big part of their life.  I love them and cherish the time together, but this year will be my side traditions and it will be nice. (However, I may have to make some “dressing” for my husband to feel at home). I only wish that the boys could make it down, but it is a long ride for them too and work does not allow it. They will be greatly missed.

What has been a bit taking from the season this year is Christmas stuff up before Halloween. I grew up where Thanksgiving was a spirit of being thankful. Christmas shopping started after Thanksgiving. All the Christmas stuff was not on the shelf before. You were Thankful. Then you began celebrating the Lord’s birth.

I do not get to the stores as much as I used to. We have one car, hubby has it at work, and I get out on the weekend, maybe.

It so amazed me at the commercialism that has now brought Christmas tree’s out in October. Freecycle people asking for them by early October and kids shows having commercials for all the Christmas toys by October also.

We have lost the being Thankful for what we have, for the heritage we have in this country and have given way to all the materialistic, satanic views of the “holidays”.

For me, I will celebrate Thanksgiving, be Thankful to a God who has provided, loves me and cares. For Christmas I will be Thankful for the Son HE provided for my salvation.  Stores can keep their commercialism, I am keeping simple.  Gifts? Yes. Buying what is being pushed? No. Giving of myself, for sure.

Be Thankful and draw a blind eye to all the commercialism out there. Look to the real meaning of the holidays and Praise the Lord for all He has done and is doing.

One thought on “What is this with all the Christmas stuff?

  1. no dressing in this house. this is a yankee thanksgiving. Sorry Rick. I love you. ;)

    on a serious note… i am thinking the same thing as you! I want to shout “SLOW DOWN!!! it’s only November! celebrate Thanksgiving!!!!”

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