Teaching a young one

Today my husband and I were talking, or was it yesterday? Anyway, we do talk and were talking about our grandkids. We had 4 granddaughters born in one year. This year they are or have, turned 3. The oldest of the four was born in May and the youngest was born in December. The December baby is the one I babysit all week long.

Scout loves her kitties, but she can be mean and sometimes scares them, laughing about it.  So many times I have to tell her to be gentle that it hurts them, scares them or what ever.

When Rick and I were talking the other day I realized how much I use things to teach things. I guess raising 5 kids of my own helped me see this, but we realized that is seems to come natural to me.

Let me explain.

Several weeks ago Scout and I went to where my husband works to get the company credit card from the plant manager. I have a cleaning contract with the company and needed supplies. Tim was teasing Scout and Scout was not sure how to take him. Suddenly Tim said “I’m gonna get you” and started after her. She panicked and ran to hide, shaking and scared. We had a talk about it after we got in the car. We talked about being afraid and how it felt and how Tim was playing and not trying to scare her.

Fast forward to last week:

She was scaring the kitties and thinking it was great fun. One was hiding and shaking. I took the little kitty and we talked about how Scout felt when Tim was playing with her and how the poor kitty must feel now. Scout got the point.

Another example. We have a goat that is now an it. He came to us only a few days old and was bottle fed. Scout helped take care of him and as he grew he acted like Scout was his sister. He would butt her, try to play with her and as he grew was way too rough.

Jack is now over a year old and when he sees Scout he wants to play and tries to push her and butt at her. He will push the stroller with her in it, but gets too rough. He wants to walk with us when we go out on the road, but then thinks that part way down the road he should get in the stroller too. He will then try to push Scout or climb on her lap. (NO! I do not take him any more!)

Last week we wanted to go for a walk and Jack saw the stroller and came running. Scout got scared since he is too rough with her. I juggled the stroller out the drive and then carried Scout to the road and put her in the stroller. Jack wanted to play!

We had another talk about how she feels when Jack plays too rough and how Jack must feel wanting to play and not knowing he is too rough. We then related it to her and how she is with the kitties.

Good teaching is taking someone from where they are to where you want them to be. It takes steps and takes things they know to understand what they do not know.

Your children learn by taking the things they know and using it to making the unknown known to them. We need to be observant!  You have the ability to take teach them. So often we yell, criticize or put down because they are doing what they should not be doing.

Use what they know to teach them, it is much more relaxing and they do get the point.