What faucet produces HOT water?

I hate summer. Now, before anyone jumps on me hear me out. I now live in Texas. Nuff said? If not, then here is what I mean. Texas is hot, and dry and miserable.  For the last 8 or 9 days it has been over 100 here. We have a limited budget so running the air conditioning 24/7 is out of the question. I hate heat. My body has never handled heat, even the heat of the north east USA, and especially not Texas.

In Texas there are no natural lakes, maybe one I think. The “rivers” are what we called streams up north or small rivers. I have seen the Colorado river in Texas and it is bigger, but otherwise they are dribbles of water, Unless it rains, then they flood. My point is, there is no place to go put your feet in, go to a pull off park on the road and wade or swim etc. In fact, this is my 5th summer in Texas and I have yet to put my feet in any water in Texas. If you know me you know I love to walk in the water and love the water.  Here, I think if I came upon a spot to put my feet in I would be afraid they would get burned!

Medicine I am on also make heat hard to take, and sun and I never got along well before, so one med even gets me worse there. Besides the headache, sweating (which I hate!) and dizziness, I get grumpy. Yes, grumpy. It is hard to control at times as I am feeling so miserable and so hot that it just makes me physically react like that. Hard on my husband too.

I am learning to control it, but without the Lord to help I am not sure what I would do. I fail at the control so easily now.

What things get you that way? How do you handle them?

Oh, and the answer to the question above:  In Texas if you want a quick drink of cooler water go for the hot water faucet. The first bit of the faucet will be cooler than anything out of the cold water faucet!. Showers in the summer use no hot water from the hot water faucet.  FUN!

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  1. So when you come to Maine in a few weeks don’t forget to pack the sun for us ,will’ya? since June started we have had about 5 days of sun total. The muggies have started too. So please bring us some of that wonderful dry heat from Texas. If you do, we’ll gladly share our water with you.

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