A Sonic Lesson

We went to Sonic for breakfast on our way to do our cleaning job. I have always liked the Sonic breakfast burrito and was looking forward to it as we had not had it for a long time.

We ordered our usual, one sausage burrito for my husband and a bacon burrito for me. We waited, and waited a bit more. Our Sonic built a new building and fancy looking drive up areas as well as a drive thru now. Ever since the improvements they are slow slow slow. We have not been able to figure it out, but it is now slow fast food.

A hint may have come with our breakfast burritos. They finally came to the window and said that they were sorry it was taking longer (as if the normal long wait was not something to apologize for) but, here is the kicker, ” we had to use REAL EGGS for the bacon burrito since we ran out of our mix. Apology for real eggs?  What is this world coming to?

I wonder how many times we are a fake, pretending to be the real thing? How about our walk with the Lord? Our being a “good Christian Wife”. Sonic made me think. I am asking myself and asking the Lord to show me, the places I am apologizing for the real thing.  When I take a Biblical stand, do I apologize to others for being real? Or do I keep my mouth shut and act like the fake is reality? Many times when we take a “real” stand we are criticized and made to feel like we should apologize for being real. Being Biblical. Being open about what God says.  I do not want to apologize for being the real thing when it comes to my Christianity.

How about you?