Happy Mother’s Day

Is this your Mother’s day greeting? NO? Was not mine either.

You see, for me, and maybe you, my kids are grown, married and have kids of their own. Not only that but my family is spread out. Four kids in Maine, one in NC and then my step kids are here in Texas.  Yesterday I cried. I wanted so much to see the ones from my side. I received two great cards in the mail yesterday and cried more. I miss them all.

Not only that, I miss my own mother. She lives in NJ and is no spring Chicken any more either.

Mother’s Days are not the same when you get older, so I have a suggestion or two.

  • Thank God for your mom. Dead or alive, near or far, good mom or bad, you would not be here without her. You would not be enjoying your own children, having a relationship with our heavenly Father or enjoying life if it was not for her.
  • Enjoy being a mom if you are one.
  • Look at the things your kids do through their eyes. What we see as adults is not always what they see or think. They have hearts that want to give. Accept the gifts and gestures without criticism or complaint. The flowers they bring, the drawings they make, even the mess from breakfast for you. Yes, it does make more work for you to clean up the mess, but look at their heart and encourage them.
  • Be thankful, even when you are missing them, hurting for their lack of caring (yes, some kids will not bother to acknowledge the day) pray for them.

Mom’s we are blessed. We are a blessing. Enjoy your day!