Forced Frugality and Online Learning

Does your wallet look like this? So many of us are getting this way with the economy the way it is going. We have been hit too. With me being a WAHGM and my husband’s job cutting overtime first and now cutting actual hours things look glim. At least with hours cut we still have insurance, more than some people have, so I am thankful.

For many of us frugality was a choice. We could do some here or there and get by. We cut where we wanted to and where chose to cut. Now many are forced to cut everywhere.

For us, my husband is a big one for wanting to eat out. We cut in places and kept him happy eating out once a week. Now, that is impossible.

I am not trying to make some special meals on little money, and checking blogs for how others do it! If you have suggestions leave them in the comments please!

One thing I want to keep is my internet. I find that you not only can keep contact with family and friends you can save a lot of money with do it yourself tutorials and learning.

Need to fix your sink leak? Look online. How about get some online learning to keep your mind fresh or to help job hunting?  MIT,  as well as many other colleges offer them free online. There are tutorials for free for all kinds of things from sewing to fixing your car. Not that I would try all of them, but they are there!

Besides a google search, you can go to sites like:

Lifehacker, Thrifty fun, tipnut, ehow and other places.

DIY helps with house projects.

These are only the tip of the iceberg on places to help save money. For some a necessity and others a desire.  Another place to check out is Life as a Mom. On Fridays many bloggers get together and give their frugal ways out to all bloggy world. Check it out!

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  1. Living on a dime website has a good recipe section and Tammy’s recipes has many inexpensive but tasty recipes also. We found that combining our phone and internet bills with one company gave us a better rate.

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