I like the Back Pew as I am sure you have figured out as I use him in both my blogs on and off. While I know this wording may offend someone, I am sorry. It is truth though, our world is quickly heading for hell, but prayer will change it.

Remember when churches held prayer meetings and people actually prayed? It was called the “Hour of Power” . Remember when people believed that prayer changed things?

How much does your church pray as a body? How much does your family pray? How much do you pray?

As women we can change things by praying. If your church does not hold prayer meetings, why not start one? Prayer changes families, churches and nations.

Our world is going downhill fast, we can make a difference. Instead of being caught up in the worlds cycle of trying to deal with things ourselves why not get caught up in God’s cycle and pray and let God change it? We women can nag, gossip, grumble and get downright ugly. None of which works the works of God. Prayer does.

All that is going on in the world, in our country, in our homes and the stresses we face each day, are more than I can handle on my own. I get scared, troubled, worried and wish I could get off the world.  All this has sent me to my knees more. Problems with kids? Husband? Church?  Get on your knees!

This weekend has been stressful, bad things happening, work hours less, news on the TV and radio and decisions our government leaders are making that are so contrary to the Word have made me shaking in my boots. God brought a song to me while I was praying:

There is power and strength and peace on our knees.