Is Progressing really Regressing?

Life is getting tough. Families falling apart. Churches leaving the truth. Morals are out the window. Ethics are gone.

What has happened?

I look around at what now is and what things were like 50 years ago. Yes, many areas have progressed, but many in the name of progress have regressed.

Here is an example:

Just the other day I was confronted with something I found sad but humorous at the same time. I belong to coops for buying fabric, getting ideas and trying to work on getting a business together. One of these is actually a diaper making supply coop. I love some of the fabrics in these groups and there is a great group of women that belong to many of them.

Now, mind you, diapermaking is done by young moms and grammies, but mostly young moms.

This moderator was going to do a survey of the people in the group and asked that people take a poll on how many children in the family. Her statement was that it seems to her that most AP families have more children than normal.

AP? What is AP? Everyone else seemed to know.

I asked, apologetically.

Answer given me:

attachment parenting (Bfs, Cds, etc)

OK, believe it or not, I know what those initials are! (Bf=breast feeding, Cd= cloth diapering). There is more to attachment parenting, like baby wearing, co-sleeping, affirming the child by not letting them “cry it out” etc, you get the idea.

I laughed and then wrote back,

I did all those things, we called it being a mommy back then

Funny, it used to be the way to go and now it has a fancy name, fancy intial, now they find it was best for the baby and child. It is also more economical. Full circle.

Over the next few posts I am going to look over our world, what has become the norm, and how it is harming us as a people and a nation.

State tuned!