Better Late Than Never!

This giveaway is now over, winner will be announced Sunday!

I am coming! I am not forgetting. I am just slow.

It is …

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That time again!!!

For my giveaway this time I am going to introduce you to the beginning of a new venture for me.

Until all this CPSIA began I was going to be launching my new shop, Smoochy Moosey, this month. Now I am reworking my ideas and hope to have some items up before the week is out. Unfortunatly they will not be childrens items.

However, it is not the 10th of February yet, so I can still make one of the items I planned on selling!  I would like you to please take note of my adorable model. She posed herself, and wanted to be sure that you had a good look at these legwarmers!

Now, the giveaway does not include the model!

I will make your little one a pair of legwarmers. If a boy, they will not have ruffles on the bottom, (unless that is your preference of course, I aim to please!) but will have cuffs instead. I will offer you the choice of several fabrics.

These are great for under dresses, night gowns or while potty training.

How can you have the chance to win?

  1. Comment!
  2. Make sure I have an email address to find you

I would also like your help with my new store. This will not get bonus points, well unless you really give good ideas…  ;)

  • Because of CPSIA  I am looking at a direction instead of kids things and want to go with pets. So, what would you call a pet line that fits in with Smoochy Moosey?
  • I will be having aprons, purses, dish towels and other adult items. How about a Moose name for guys things and ladies things?  Bullwinkle is already over used.

Any ideas?

Thanks for looking and giving me your 2 ¢ worth!

Fine print:

  • Ends Saturday, drawing will be Sunday sometime
  • Yes, most likely I will ship where you live!

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