My Tummy Hurts

Yesterday I was busy trying to get through my email so I could get to my sewing. While I was doing this I was interupted by my granddaughter’s little voice. When I looked down she was holding her shirt up a bit and saying “Grammie, my tummy hurts”. She then said “medicine?”.

While getting up I asked her if it felt like she had to go “poopy” and she said “no”. Calling her mom it was confirmed she has not been constipated or having any problems so I told her I would give her a rolaids and see what happens.

Scout and I went to the bathroom cabinet and I dug out the rolaids that was for gas or indigestion and handed her one. She held it and looked at it funny and then me funny, I told her to take it and see if it would make her tummy better.

She walked out to the TV and “Dora”.

Few minutes later: “Grammie, not working, tummy hurts”. As she turned around I saw her shirt up a bit and there she was holding the Rolaids on her belly button!

Trying not to laugh at her I told her try taking it and eating it and then it should work. She looked at the Rolaids again and said “OHHHHH” and ate it.

Five minutes later: “Grammie, worked! All better!”

Sometimes I wonder how many times things would be “all better” if we would just do things right— God’s way!

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