Sewing with a 2 year old

For those of you that sew and have little ones around you know the challenge it can be.

My sewing “center” is my Dining room. Right in the middle of everything.

I have my sewing machine on an old sewing cabinet against the wall

and my serger on the table. Patterns and fabric are also on the table

I do my cutting out on a cardboard cutting board set up on my chest freezer.

The highchair sets next to the freezer with the fabric that hangs over or the next project on it.

(I was told that she was “too big” to use the high chair, so I use it for other things. Yes, she just turned two last week,¬† but she informed me over a month ago.) Here she is at her Birthday Party last week

Now that you have seen my set up and how inconvenient it all is to work with a 2 year old, I will give some hints.

  1. make sure you have no needles, pins etc. within reach
  2. also make sure there are none in the small thread/serger scrap basket. These scraps have a tendency to walk away to the living room floor
  3. Do not fret about scraps all over the floor. It keeps them busy playing with something safe. (As long as you followed  suggestion #2!)
  4. Be sure to have pieces of fabric that is large enough for them to use and play with, but not large enough to upset you about letting the scrap go. (If you are like me almost all scraps are saved for something someday so parting with any for play is hard, but a must)
  5. Do not fret about scraps all over the floor. It keeps them busy.
  6. Find ways they can “help” with things, like carry a piece back to the ironing board with you.
  7. Turn on the TV to their favorite show and duct tape them to a chair

So far these hints have worked for me. I find that while sewing in the Dining room may not be ideal and I wish I had a nice sewing center, this really does work best with her around. I have space, who eats at the table anyway?, and I can see what she is up to. A blessing in disguise!

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2 thoughts on “Sewing with a 2 year old

  1. Oh, I used to love sewing pretty things for my daughter, who is now 24! I now sew mostly for myself, and for my friends’ grandchildren–can’t wait to sew for a little grandson or daughter of my own in the future.
    I have four kids, ranging now from 18-26, but when they were little there was that problem of pins on the floor. I always made certain to only buy the ones with colored heads–at least you could see them in the carpet, LOL!
    I love how you use the freezer for your cutting board. I discovered the picnic table on my deck was perfect for that. Alas, I discovered this in the early fall, so now it’s too cold out there. But I’ll be ready for next summer, LOL!

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