WAHM and Grandmoms Help Needed

It is the Backwards edition of Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer. What this means is I get to ask you and hope that there are a lot of people out there who have “been there, done that” and know the answers!

This question is for all you WAHM’s. How did you start out? I am thinking of selling online, but want to know what inventory you started with (amount) how did you decide what to sell, how did you set up your first sale? (I mean the means of putting yourself out there).

I sew and have ideas but have never done anything with them. I also like other craft things as well, but thought I would start with sewing. I got a serger this week, a real blessing and cheap. (From someone who did not know how to use it, could not figure it out and sold it to get rid of it. It is basically new!)  I am now trying to learn so I can make professional seams. How did you find your niche?

I really would appreciate any info you can give me to help me get started.  Links too!

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Oh and one last question, How do you keep your house clean, care for a toddler and work when you do not have a seperate room to do all this in?

3 thoughts on “WAHM and Grandmoms Help Needed

  1. A few things to consider:
    1–it needs to be something you really truly enjoy doing. Working from home means there are a million distractions, and if you don’t LOVE this work, you’re not going to stick to it very well probably. :)
    2–it needs to be something that is worth your time. I figure if I can’t earn at least $10/hr from my working, then there’s no point…
    3–you should be good at what you do! Seriously, a million people can sew, but can you sew WELL, you know? Will other people really want to buy what you are selling?

    As for where/what to sell, I was referred to http://www.etsy.com, and am a big convert. The items I sell are mostly things I made for myself first, liked, and decided to make for the world too… feel free to visit my shop http://lilbees.etsy.com and I’d love to answer other specific questions about my own process of becoming a WAHM. :)

    As for working with a toddler udnerfoot…well, I work while he’s sleeping (yes, it’s in the same room, but the seiwng mmachine has a nice ‘white noise’ kind of hum). I have one table set up and everything sorted/stacked across the back of it, and my sewing machines in front. It’s crowded, for sure, but it works.

  2. I can’t help you with the inventory thing… I write from home!

    I bought a desk for $20 at a thrift store; it is in the LR in the middle of everything. (our kitchen, Dining room, and LR are all basically one space). So I can monitor all of the comings and goings while I work.

    It is helpful to have things for the toddler to do. If you can, set up a little table or area for him to do HIS work while you do yours. Chasingcheerios.com has great ideas! Especially their “activity bags”.

    I also do a lot of work while my children are sleeping. I’m a night owl!

  3. I work at home twice a week (and work in the office three days a week). Its not easy with a toddler running around. I put a desk in the dining room since it has easy visibility to most of the house and thats where I work. It takes some planning on my part so I don’t end up letting her watch DVDs all day, but its do-able. She likes to come “work” with me, so she gets crayons and watercolor and sits in her booster chair and “works.” I take frequent breaks to spend time playing with her or taking care of whatever she needs. best of luck with whatever you decide!

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