Where has Peggie Been?

Sometimes I seem to be missing a lot lately. Someone read my blog this week and told me I sure let it all hang out, well, I am me and yes, I sometimes do.

Today will be one of those posts. In fact, I am going to put the same post on my other blog also, as the same reason for lack of posting has been there as here.

And, what are those reasons?  LIFE.

  1. I moved from blogspot to my own .com’s several months ago. I have been fighting with things ever since. Templates look nice until I instal them and then they act strange. What works for one blog will not work on the other. This one the feedburner sign up can’t be seen and no matter what I can’t seem to tweak it right.   My other blog has had template problems too. I have one now because it works, but not because I like it. Discouragement.
  2. Another reason I have been slow at posting is a bit of stress. Well, more than a bit. We have been struggling with his job situation for some time. The church, also where he works, has been going into apostasy. As with everyone, the gas prices are getting to us and we have had a number of “disasters” here at the house.
  3. Hubby found another job but at a big difference in pay. We prayed and struggled over that decision knowing we were already struggling financially, yet we felt that God was telling us to get out and make the move. We did and he started today. This leaves us needing to make up the income.
  4. Both of us have had physical problems
  5. I just turned 60 and and thought it was the end of the world.
  6. My 19 month old granddaughter is taking way more of my time than she used to!

I find myself wondering how people keep up with their blogs everyday and still keep up with everything else. How do others handle themes not working right, lack of time, stress and still be creative? Am I weird?

I want so much for my blogs to be of use to others, help others and be there if and when I am needed. I have plans, but can’t seem to find the right groove.

I will be back on track, and there will be  groove, hang in there with me.  I miss writing and miss the commenting on other blogs too.

Thanks for being there.