When Life Hits, PRAY!

Life has been strange lately. I have not been posting on either blog much, not getting done what I want to around the house and not getting much sleep.


Life. I have a wonderful husband and dear family, none of that has changed. In fact, not sure how I would get along without them!

However, over the last while a lot of stress has been on us.  How does your family handle stress? We pray and talk.

For some time now we have been deeply concerned about where our church was going. The preaching has not been Biblical, yet there has been a small amount of truth in there and then nothing. The truth is usually watered down and nothing deep to put your mouth into for Spiritual food.  For some this would mean changing churches. For us, my husband is also employed there and we are not able to get a job that even pays as good as this in this area.  For a long time we have been praying and talking about it, and we have seen the preaching going more and more away from what the Scripture says. Verses taken out of context, no following the rules of interpretation and apostasy being taught as right.  On top of all that, he was told he is overpaid and will get no raises a year ago, and yet they pile more work on him. Many weeks I need to go in on Saturdays and help him get it all done for Sunday, no pay of course.

We have also had things going crazy around the house. Things breaking, acting up or otherwise a problem. Goats needing new fencing. A granddaughter coming for the summer (YAY) but that meant taking things out of the storage room so she had a bed room (well worth the effort, she is a joy to have here!)

It has been hot here in Texas, we have had weeks of 100 or more degrees. I never knew that heat could: make the breakers on the electric pole pop off or make large patio doors explode. Believe me, it will!!

I was in the dining room with the little granddaughter and there was a “gun shot” sound and the glass door came down. Glass was everywhere! I will try to put up the pictures.

Well, we prayed more! We now had a 6.5 X6.5 hole in the side of the house!

The results:

  • Husband quit his job yesterday and will be going to work for less pay somewhere else. He will need to hold down a second part time job, but we will get there.
  • We are trying to keep the box on the pole open so it will not overheat and blow as much.
  • The goats have some of their fencing done, but not as much as he wanted to have done now.
  • The milking stand is almost made. (told you I have a great husband!)
  • My 12 year old granddaughter is here and we are so enjoying her!
  • We have a new door, window and side to the house and when it is finished I will even (finally) have a screen door!

When life comes at you fast, remember, Pray! God has the answers.

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