Loss of Income Help!

I need help. Since this is Frugal Friday I thought I would ask for ideas here.

It appears that our income may be cut by a third or more in the next few weeks, by the beginning of July anyway. Right now we are struggling, and this will make things even tighter.

I am not a person to spend wildly and have always tried to be fairly frugal and wise in our spending, however, this will be pushing it to the limit for awhile.

Have any of you had this happen? What were the first things you did to make ends meet on what you were getting?

I get all the frugal blogs, websites and newsletters I can find and have been working on what I can long before this happened, so I am feeling like I am going to need to cut in some unfamiliar ways and want to see what others who have faced this have done.

How have any of you learned what is your place in the WAHM area? I am sure I can do something, yet feel very uncreative right now. I assume it is the stress we have been under for some time, since I am normally a creative person.

SO… help me out dear bloggers! Those that work from home in any way, what do you do and how did you figure out to do it?

For frugal ideas, and I will check them all! go to Biblical Womanhood!

4 thoughts on “Loss of Income Help!

  1. This happened to our family during winter when I had a 5 month old and a 2 year old. First thing we did was pray. The next thing we did was to go to my husband’s union and he applied for every job available. It took two months of working on interviews and applications basically full time. If it didn’t work he was going to get work at a temp agency. But eventually it did. In the meantime I found out we qualified for WIC. He got a deer. My brother in law brought over a trunk full of dry goods.And friends of ours paid our health insurance. On paper this didn’t work and it was a meager Christmas but at the end of it we made it financially.During other tight times I have taken in children for daycare. These have been family members kids so in this state I didn’t need a license. You could do summer care for elementary age kids that are out of school.Then you could still be home with your family.You may find that the loss of income makes you qualify for reduced lunch or food stamps. If you have the space can you grow some food? Does your husband hunt or fish? We also pick lots of wild blackberries to freeze. Let people you trust know about your situation they may have advice that works in your area or surplus garden produce or game to share.

  2. This happened to us, too, almost a year ago. My husband lost his job and did not find another for 7 months. It was quite stressful, but we had seen it coming and were able to get some in savings. Put everything you can away now. Cut everything you can. We were already living pretty frugally, but we cut cable, long distance, cut the grocery budget by $20 a week, etc. Call and cancel any subscriptions you have. You may get money back from them (check first). I agree about the WIC. I felt embarrassed to use it, but I had a baby and we had no income. I had to do something. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your family, your church, etc, for help. I wish I’d asked for more help than just struggling for so long. And yes, definitely PRAY. You will get through it and you will be stronger for it. We are now living on much, much less than I ever thought we could and it’s not that bad. Sell anything you can at a garage sale or a consignment store, ebay, whatever. I sold a guitar, furniiture, some jewelry, baby clothes that I will probably need later. But I needed the money now. I don’t have any WAHM advice–sorry! You might consider mystery shopping. It’s easy to do if you have kids. I like Market Force (formerly Shop N Chek.) Trust in God to provide your needs–He will! It is tough; I did not have a good attitude, but He still brought us through it.

  3. I am sorry to hear about your situation. If any unexpected expenses come up, share with christian friends.

    My husband helped a lady that needed her A/C fixed and we were glad to help without charging. That is not even his profession. He just happened to know a little something about fixing A/C units and it worked! LOL! We were so thankful she gave us a chance to help her.

    The Lord wants to use others to supply our needs at times.

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