Today I feel lost

Most of you know I watch one of my grand kids all day. We have fun together and I love it. Lately it as been a 3 ring circus with the addition of the bottle baby goat. Scout wants Jack out and playing with her, or in the house playing with her.  Jack is outside, sleeping on the porch and looks bored. I am inside thinking of all I need to and want to get done but it is hot and I am thrown off my schedule.

You see, Scout is away with her mom for a long weekend. I do not have her today, or at all till Tuesday.

So much to do.

It just feels so weird.  My husband said to take a nap, but I do not feel like it.

When she is here I have trouble accomplishing anything and think how I would love a day to myself. Well I have it, and I feel lost.

So does Jack.