Just Say NO!

Today is Friday and I usually like to include some frugal ideas for family and join in the fun at Biblical Womanhood. Last night I was tired and did not get my blog written and this morning I was in bed and thought about it. Funny thing, by the time I got to the computer my thoughts were all jumbled up and the idea for frugal Friday fell out somewhere between here and the bedroom.

I have been trying not to blame it on old age, but I am getting worried. Stress? Maybe. Lack of sleep? Another idea. Or could it be that I am just a scatterbrained grammie? I hope not!

Actually, I tend to think it is stress. I do not know about you, but life takes a lot out of us with everything going on. Gas prices, food prices, health insurance costing more and paying out less. Add to that the problems that weather causes (a bad rain washed out our driveway, but others have tornadoes etc too),  health problems and all the other daily living things we tend to get a bit overwhelmed.

When I had my bloggy giveaway one thing I realized, so many of us are stressed with all that is expected of us and needs to be done. Single mom’s trying to raise the family, wives trying to fill their roll as wife and mom and some have no help from their husbands either.

With all this, how can we think? How can we plan to be frugal? Today it is becoming more and more of a necessity than an option.

One thing I am learning is “Just say no”. Sometimes it comes to that. Materialism has taken over our world. The toys are no longer cheap. Kids no longer need to use creativity to make things to play with, they want it all provided. When I was growing up, as well as when we raised our kids on a tight budget, creativity was the answer for play. Parents now think that kids need to have every toy out there. They feel their child will not do well in school if they are not filled with baby Einstein or Leap Frog or one of the other “learning” toys. Kids are pushed and not allowed to be kids.

What is wrong with saying “no” and letting them use their imagination? Imagination is frugal, but with great impact on development.  Creativity. It does not need to be bought.

Frugal is also saying “no” to ourselves. No to eating out every time we do not want to cook. No to running to the store for a few items. No to lobster. (Sorry, I am from Maine and living in Texas and dying for lobster!).

NO. A powerful word when followed through. Only two letters, but can be a huge help to the budget, to the stress and to the mind. Get going, say “no” and let you and your kids use some creativity!

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