Dealing with the 17 month terrible twos

It has been a long time since I dealt with the “terrible two’s” but the one thing I remember is they started at 16 months with my kids. I had forgotten that point. Forgotten how independent and defiant that cute little darling can be. Forgotten that all the laughter and fun can turn to a tantrum with one of several words: “no”, “come here”, “don’t squeeze the goat” or “Jack (the goat) can’t run around the house and jump on the furniture with you”.

Yes, that sweet, adorable, little angel turns at the drop of a hat into a monster. How can this be?

Independence and wanting her own way comes early in life. She says “shower” while fully dressed and trying to turn on the water and I am trying to get her out of the shower. She runs from there to the dog food, or water and dumps it. I am cleaning up that (after a long talk) and she defies me and does it again.

She was so cute! And, unfortunately she is still cute doing it!

Today I went to bottle feed the goat and she wanted to do it. I tried to show her how to help me. No, she wanted to do it herself. She tried to hold the nipple straight up and got mad when I showed her that he could not drink it that way. From there it went into a temper tantrum! I mean, throw herself down on the floor, clench her fists and scream and I mean SCREAM!

I ignored it, walked away and she stopped. Right away. Tantrums stop quickly when they do not get the attention they want.

But, what about the defiance? The dump the water when you just said “no”?

I find a tap on the butt will make her think. If this does not work, the chair and not being able to play for a bit helps. Some of this stage is hard to handle. However, she will get over it. Terrible twos only lasts from 16 months to about 3 1/2, but it will end.

Of course I am older now. I made it through my kids, but I think my granddaughter may just turn me grey!

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  1. “Turn you gray”? what do you mean TURN you gray? it’s been awhile since I saw you, but I was pretty sure that I took care of the turning you gray….

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