We have a Winner!

Teri is the winner of the Pampering box!

Here is what Teri wrote :

I am having some treatments now that prevent me from being the grammy that I want to be. My daughter and her husband are good and loving parents, so it isn’t a need, just a joy! Breaks my heart a little. Anyway…we could all use some pampering,…Thank you.

I am so happy that she was the winner and want to thank all who commented.  I was really thrilled with how you all were so honest in telling me all you struggle with. I think if you read the comments you will find that whatever you are struggling with, someone else is also. We are not alone in our struggles.

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I found you all to be a blessing to me and want to thank you. I can’t wait for the next giveaway !

One thought on “We have a Winner!

  1. Thank you Peggy. I feel like I have made new friends! This all was so much fun, but a little exhausting! Now, maybe we can all take a breather! The Pampering kit is such a beautiful sentiment!

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