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Contest Ends at midnight Saturday the 26th of April. (Central Time) Hurry Hurry and get your comment in!

It is Bloggy Giveaway week and I am participating with a giveaway.

This blog is will eventually be a blog from my heart. For those who are here for the first time or only for the giveaway, I have written about it here and here.

As women we tend to either totally pamper ourselves, or neglect ourselves. Neither is good. However, I find many, especially moms (or grammies who have the granddaughter all day and can’t let her out of your site for a minute—that would be me!) tend to not take the time for themselves like they should.

As my giveaway I am putting together a Pamper Me Box. I do not have it compete, but it will be a box with bath goodies and other things to pamper you.

I will be giving away one box, to one winner who follows these simple rules:

  • leave a comment by Saturday evening the 26th
  • in your comment, tell me something that you struggle with as a wife, mother, or single woman.
  • An email address or link to one so I can contact you. If you leave the link in your comment PLEASE write it out like this peggie dot loden at gmail dot com I hate spam robots!

That is it! You must include all 3 to be counted!

I am sorry but I will need to restrict this to USA only. If you are not in the USA, check with me and I wills see if I can send them elsewhere. I hate to omit anyone.

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149 thoughts on “Pamper Yourself

  1. I struggle with dealing with criticism. If my husband or daughter points something out that I could change, I don’t react well to it.

    nov231973 at gmail dot com

  2. Between homeschooling two tweens, chasing after two toddlers, keeping up with the home, and “crisis calls” from my daughter in college (lol), I struggle with getting a moment to myself at all. (Unless I stay up much too late, like I’m doing now.) I know someday all this will pass, but sometimes it sure doesn’t feel that way!

    barefootmomlady at gmail dot com

  3. I struggle with having patience with my toddler as she runs around and wakes her 2 month old brother up all the time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays dh gets home at 7 because he goes to school. Sometimes I have to go downstairs and take a mommy time out to breath.

    suziesdeals20 at

  4. As a mother, my daughter has scoliosis and truly despises wearing her brace. It hurts me to see her suffer and not be able to fix it for her. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway! I’m sure any of us could use the pampering. :)

    zarache at aol dot com

  5. I am the queen of worrying. The other night I got so worried about my son while I was laying in bed that I physically made myself sick. I could certainly use a little pampering. Thanks for the giveaway.

    daisyduck0427 at gmail dot com

  6. Juggling homemaking with homeschooling…and then finding the energy to give to my husband when he’s home. *whew*

    Thanks for wanting to pamper other moms! :-)

  7. This sounds WONDERFUL!!! I would love to win!!!
    I struggle with insecurities…of course…..and also that I am being a “good enough” mother and wife. I try sooo hard to be the Proverbs 31 woman…and always feel like I am failing….:( ok…now i am getting sad….i definitely need to win…LOL…J/K!
    Thanks so much for this…it is wonderful of you! :)

  8. What a great giveaway! I struggle with keeping my house in order. We are much too busy having a good time to worry with housekeeping! Thanks!

  9. I have trouble keeping my house clean, especially my kitchen. It makes me feel like I’m not a good house-keeper, but at least my kids are happy, well-fed, and healthy! My email is telima underscore smith at yahoo dot com.

  10. I struggle with keeping my life in perspective and knowing that things that are hard now will become easier soon.

  11. I’m about to get married and I’m already living with my fiance. He works full time, and I don’t work at all. Right now, I’m really struggling with keeping up with housework. I can be pretty lazy sometimes, and I’ll get absolutely nothing done most days. I also struggle with just getting out of bed and being up all day. That’s just one of the things I’m going to have to straighten out before we decide to have kids. My fiance is always reminding me of that lol.

    raspberrykitty at aol dot com

    Be sure to check out my giveaway for a $15 e.l.f. gift card :)

  12. What don’t I struggle with? Organization, two young children that need mommy every second, a house to take care of and a husband that wants my attention too. It can get overwhelming!

  13. I am a single mom and I often find myself giving my children anything they want as a way of compensating for them not having a dad. It’s really hard to say no when I feel like they have it tough enough already.

  14. hi. the hardest thing i deal with being a wife and a mother is that i never have enough time for myself. i work full time, and the hardest thing about working is being away from my son, samuel, he goes to bed at the same time i get home. some times i don’t even get to put him to bed if there is traffic. i hate that! but as much as i love my family i also love my showers and baths – its the only quiet alone time i get!

    i have read the other posts on here, and there are so many deserving answers!

    trepilynnell (at) juno (dot) com

  15. The thing I struggle with most is prioritizing and getting everything done that I need to. I try to be healthy, happy, grounded, “green”, and thrifty but it is hard to do all of those at the same time – it is a tricky balance!

  16. I struggle with my weight. All my life and just now joined Weight watchers. drala625 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. I’ve been struggling with not having a regular schedule of seeing my husband. I work retail full time, so my hours vary. He goes to school full time and works part time. Sometimes it feels like I only see him an hour a week. Thanks.

  18. I struggle as a mother of a daughter w/ tourettes syndrome. You never know what each day will bring.
    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  19. I would have to say that as a wife and mother I stuggle with when to get things done and how I can get them all done in a timely fashion and still have time for me.

    Have fun this week with your giveaway. Don’t forget to head on over to my blog and sign up for mine!

  20. As a new stay at home mom I have struggled with adjusting from a busy job to the quieter life of a homemaker. Ilove it but somedays I just miss thw adult interaction! Thanks for the great giveaway! audrajjensen at msn dot com

  21. As a single gal, I have been struggling with my first real world job and graduating from college. With such crazy hours, I would love to win this prize! Thanks!


  22. I am having some treatments now that prevent me from being the grammy that I want to be. My daughter and her husband are good and loving parents, so it is’nt a need, just a joy! Breaks my heart a little. Anyway…we could all use some pampering,…Thank you.

  23. I struggle with giving attention equally to my children. I have one that is a bit more difficult and requires more attention at the expense of the other two. Its hard to balance

  24. As a single woman I struggle with the concept that I somehow deserve less consideration in the workplace becuase I don’t have the same responsibilities outside the office. Fist choice of vacation times, being able to come/go as needed, stuff like that.

  25. Like so many others, as a wife and mother (and full-time out of the home worker) I struggle with having enough time to get everything done… and with prioritizing.

  26. I am struggling to find my place. I am seven months pregnant and I just lost my job because a major part of the business was sold off. (Timing is everything, right?!) I have had a job since I was fifteen. I worked through high school and college. Now, I’m 30 and after waiting until I was in a good place in my life, we decided to have a baby. I am struggling because I am used to contributing finacially to our family and now I am unable to do that. I have started to do more around the house so I feel like I am doing “my share”,. Being this pregnant doesn’t make housework easy. My husband tries to convince me that I don’t have anything to prove, but I am struggling with the whole thing.

  27. I struggle with guilt…in many areas, but namely in motherhood. It’s something I’m praying I will be released from. The only good thing that comes out of it is a ton of self-motivation!! Thanks so much for the giveaway! ( )

  28. I’m divorced so I struggle with finances. It’s hard on the kids because I need to work full time and yet still have little left over to pay for things they need.

  29. Being single, and a mom, I find it a struggle locating suitable men to date! :) Most of them are bad influences that I don’t want my kids around lol :)

  30. I sometimes struggle with my health. turning 50 is not all its cracked up to be. It is hard to stay active when everything creaks and groans. thnx for a great giveaway

  31. I’d love to win this great prize package! As a mother, I often struggle with the quality time needed with my kids. With six children, it can be hard to give the undivided attention needed to all.

  32. Something I struggle with as both a wife and mother of two kids under the age of 5 is trying to find time for myself. I sure could use some pampering. Wonderul contest!

    cherierj at yahoo dot com

  33. As a SAHM who also homeschools her children I struggle with all matters of pampering ;) I can usually be found in casual clothes and a pony tail. I think my biggest problem is my feet I get the dry heels so badly especially this time of year when it’s sandal wearing time.

    Please include me in your drawing

  34. I am a single woman and the one thing I struggle with is people asking me “When are you going to get married?”. Yeah, my family is very old fashioned and I have struggled enough with failed relationships that I don’t like to be reminded of my single life. I hope I meet my Mr. Right soon!!!

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