Husband Appreciation

Today is Frugal Friday at Biblical Womanhood.  I was going to do this post as my post today and then realized it would fit in to the frugal idea as what I am going to say costs nothing but some of our time.

Does your husband know he is appreciated? How often do you let him know? Do you find little ways to tell him?

Some husbands have a hard time learning to show love and do things that really make their wife happy. If we are honest, we do too at times. Women are naturally, usually, able and think to show love but when we do not get what we want in return (love reciprocated, or him respond to our hinting) we can get pretty rotten!

Men need encouragement and they need to know that their efforts are noticed. If we can encourage them, then they will respond by realizing what, how and when to do more for us as well.

Think of things your husband does and find things to thank him for. It may be something as simple as he puts his clothes in the hamper (do you know how many men do not!). My husband thanks me for every meal and tells me it is good.  Do we find things to thank them for daily?

Tomorrow is Husband Appreciation Day according to 123 Greetings.  They have ecards for the occasion, why not send one to your husband? They are free.

Another place that I would recommend for helping us get into the habit of praising and encouraging our husbands is a site called The Generous Wife.  You can sign up for a daily tip for being a generous wife.

This is a frugal (downright cheap) way to better your marriage, make it more exciting and in the end better your husband and your relationship.

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2 thoughts on “Husband Appreciation

  1. A great reminder!

    As an army wife, this was a lesson I learned early in our marriage. There were so many times when he was away that the times when he was home made me appreciate him even more. I always made sure that both during his absenses and his time at home that he knew how much I valued who he was and all the things he did for us.

    As the years passed we became each others biggest cheerleaders. And I honestly believe that our ability to express our deep appreciate for each other is what has made our marriage so strong and enduring.

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