Sometimes I think I am crazy.

Check out my Bloggygiveaway!I know it is Wednesday, and I always participate in WFMW. Today is no different, but it is a different kind of post. Not something someone can really change and do, but something that maybe will help someones attitude or make them think.

When I was young I had the kids home and loved it. Oh, they went to school and all, but I loved the vacations time, snow days etc when they would be at home. I was a stay at home mom, enjoyed the kids (most of the time! I had 5 so the fighting was something else at times).

As the kids got older and began to date I was a bit concerned. Yes, there was the usual concerns about what they were doing, but there was also the concern over I AM GETTING OLD!!!

Then, they had the nerve to marry. NOW I WAS GETTING OLDER!! Depressing. Then, one of them had the nerve to tell me I was going to be a grandmother. Now I was really upset! Yes, upset. This meant I was as old as my mother and grandmother. I knew that the cane was coming next! I was depressed. Very.

Sean was born and I loved him, but I did not want to be a grandmother. Call me Grammie, it helps to not feel so old. Sean broke me in a bit, who can not love a baby?

Then my 4th child married and let me know that grandchild number 2 was on the way. OH NO!!! A walker was coming now! How much older can I get before they put me in the grave? However, by now I was broke in, so when Ivy was born I was a little more accepting of the idea and enjoyed another grand child, but I did not want to be known as a grandma. So, people thought she was my child and I let them. Where ever I went and anyone asked how old “MY” baby was I just told them. Why hurt their opinion?

Well, this year I will be old. I have 18 grandkids and more coming I am sure, I love it. I still hate the word grandma, but I love the kids. However, I do not want to be old. I am crazy!! Having grandkids is fun, you have them, enjoy them, send them home and have peace at night. You can play with them, bake with them, teach them, all the joys of motherhood, but still get a nights sleep!

I have one granddaughter all day, I love it, but at 4:37 she leaves. I can eat supper in peace, but I miss her. See, I am crazy!

Now, I look at myself and my attitudes and wonder what is with my thinking. I am going to be 60 this year. It is the end of the world to be that old. Yet, when I think back to being 25 or so and having to live all I have lived over again I do not want it. Yes, there were plenty of joys, and I still think of them. Being a grammie you have the best of both worlds.

What works for me? Being a grammie, but not being old. However, since that is not possible, I am trying to enjoy the grammie and the old. Sometimes life just makes up have an attitude adjustment, but sometimes those adjustments come in steps over a long time.

Are their things in your life that need an attitude adjustment? Work on it! It is worth it and it works for me!

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  1. You are only as old as you feel – I have a friend say, when he turned 40, that he considered it a privilege, as many of his hard-partying friends didn’t make it even that far. So be proud of your age and how far you have come!

    Kim who turned 40 this summer – the best is yet to come!

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